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The Wealth Egg is working! I can feel the difference already . . . Everything I want to do just seems simpler somehow and not hampered by problems or people getting in the way.

Virginia D., UK

I think the Energy Eggs are fabulous!

Paul R., UK

Affiliate Program

How do I join?

If you'd like to skip right to the sign up information, click here. But do make sure you come back and read all the details of our program below when you're done.

What's It For?

Two things...
for you to help inform those who may be interested, about the benefits of our energised qi - cultivation products, energy awareness trainings, books and videos, and
in so doing, earn an income from the sale of our products. So, it's a way for companies, practitioners and individuals to receive commissions on sales by referring customers to us.

Does it cost anything to join the program?

Absolutely nothing...
no membership subscription
no "starter kit" purchase
no commitment to future fees
no requirement to buy stock

But is anything really for free? Well, you will have to spend some time learning whatever you can about our products and to qualify for a commission you need to have purchased the same item at the full RRP yourself.

Why? Because if you don't you'll be wasting your own time, as a key element to the success of being an Affiliate is to know your subject. This doesn't mean knowing everything there is to know about life energy and qi before joining the program, but it does mean that the better informed you are the more confidence, and therefore success, you will have.

That's the true "cost" of joining the program.

What is an Affiliate Program?

In a nutshell
Step 1 - You send visitors to our website
Step 2 - We identify and track those visitors (via a proven cookie/database-driven system) as belonging to you
Step 3 - If they buy, you get a commission

All you need to do is provide valuable, relevant information to your visitors enabling them to make an informed choice about buying one of our products or books. We look after everything else, including...

  • processing credit cards
  • shipping product or providing download links for digital products
  • providing follow-up customer support

The Affiliate Program also includes 2 tiers of income (earn from sales by those afiliates you sign up under you) and advice to help you succeed, both online and off.

How it works

The program works by having visitors click links or banners placed on the Affiliate's (your) website or in a newsletter or email you send out. Upon clicking on a link, the visitor is redirected to our website, where the visitor may browse or make a purchase. When the visitor initially clicks on this link, the affiliate software detects this action and stores information about which Affiliate referred the visitor.

After the visitor has been directed to the Energize Your Life store and a purchase has been made, the software retrieves the information stored earlier about the "initiating" Affilate and then credits the Affiliate  - you - with the sale. The Affiliate - you- is subsequently paid.

How do I promote the products?

As soon as you have joined the scheme, you will have access to all of the necessary affiliate marketing material to start promoting our products. Promoting our products is easy. Simply browse our store website and select the items you wish to promote, copy the bit of code we will give you into emails, blogs, newsletters or onto your web site if you have one. It is as simple as that. It should be easy, but if you're having a problem, you can always click here

What can products can I promote?

All products which you have previously purchased at the RRP. The Energize Your Life affiliate scheme offers marketing materials for all of our products, books, videos and traings. We also offer specialised marketing material to promote the site in general.

Let's say I promote one product / category / manufacturer but the customer comes along through my link and buys something else, will I get commission on that product instead?


It makes no difference whatsoever whether they buy the product you promote or buy something else  - you will still earn commission if the customer came through you.

How much money will I make?

Affiliates receive a 10% discount on single items purchased after their first purchase of the same item at its RRP.

Affiliates also receive a 10% commission on products sent directly to their clients who place orders with the Affiliate’s code.

If your client orders a product without giving us your code, you have up to 14 days from the purchase to let us know so we can credit you with the commission. We do not accept lists of clients’ names going back over months.


  • Total sales that exceed £300 in a calender month attract a 5% bonus
  • Sales that exceed £600 in a calender month attract a 10% bonus

Products that are currently on Sale don’t attract bonuses. However, we can offer your clients a special discount code whenever you wish to promote a product for a limited period. Your own promotions will attract the 10% commission plus bonuses.

Payments of commissions are made when the value is at least £50.00.

A paid commission is debited from your account in the event of one of your clients returning a product. If you anticipate more than one-off sales, and you wish to carry stock, please see the wholesale prices (above) for quantity discounts.

Please note: Energize Your Life Ltd reserves the right to change its selling prices at any time in which event the commission percentage will not change but the absolute commission amount will change accordingly.

How Do I Get Paid?

At the moment we pay worldwide affiliates by Paypal only, so you will need to have a Paypal account before we can pay you your commission. If you are UK based we can alternatively pay you by bank transfer. Don't worry if you don't already have a Paypal account, you can always create one later, and give us the details when you've accumulated enough commission to be paid.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to start marketing our products. The minimum commission we pay is £50.

You can also pay for goods using your commission and there is no minimum spend in force when paying for goods using your affiliate commission, as long as your commission is more than the total cost of the order.

Payments will be made within 15 days of the first of the month for the prior month's sales. For example, commissions for sales made during May will be sent out on or before the 15th of June.

Here's what to do now

You apply to become an Affiliate
You receive your account login details
You give people information about our products on your website, in an email, blog or newsletter
They click the links and go directly to our store, or

You receive enquiries about how to order one of our products and

You direct them to the Energize Your Life website or order page

You earn commission income on sales made

Lets look at each of these more closely . . .

1. The Application

Nothing simpler... just click on the link below (a new window will open) and follow the quick, easy signup process...

...then click the "Submit" button. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required. The others are optional.

2. The Login details

Immediately after your application to join the program has been received we will send you an email. This will provide you with login details to enable access at any time to your personal account. Go there to check on...
sales made
commissions earned
other details

This same email will give you your unique ID (which will look like this... AID######) that enables the software powering the EYL Affiliate Program to identify clients referred by you.

3. The Information

This is the key to your success as an Affiliate.

You may be an experienced health care practitioner or a brilliant sales person . . . although none of these will count against you... neither will they assist you as an EYL Affiliate unless you have at least a basic understanding of our products.

4. The Enquiry

"What do I do when I receive an enquiry about how to buy one of your products?"

Direct your client to the Energize Your Life website or order page through your unique link. This will be either a text link or banner that you will find after logging into your account as an Affiliate.

if you have a website simply provide a link from any appropriate page
if by email then include the URL link
if by word of mouth then spell out the URL

What if a client doesn't have access to the web or a credit card? The answer here is to request...
payment from them directly to yourself
and their delivery address

Then... simply go through your own web page and enter the order on their behalf using your own credit card, but with their delivery address.

5. The Order

Your part is complete once you have referred someone to the Energize Your Life website or order page. If they have been well informed by you about our products they will then be confident enough to order... and your earnings grow.

What happens then? We take over and do this
process the order
process the payment
ship the order
track the order (where apropriate)
email order details to the purchaser
handle returns, replacements and refunds

"Do I have to do anything more?"

Not if you don't want to... but if you want to make a success of things its important to stay in close touch with all those whom you have advised, whether or not they have ordered.

Why? Because there are always questions, doubts, misunderstandings, enthusiastic responses and... repeat orders. We also send out updates to instructions for our products from time to time and you'll want to ensure your clients get them. Staying in touch and offering valuable information, advice and guidance will go a long way towards ensuring your clients' satisfaction with our products.

All the "back end" accounting and inventory management are handled automatically so... at the month end all your orders are accounted for and you are credited accordingly.

You can track these at any time by simply logging into your account.

Any other questions?

A couple more questions you may be asking...

1. "What happens if I refer someone and they do order and then the next time they want to order they come to the order page through some other path... will I earn a commission?"

Yes... you will earn commissions on all repeat orders. How will this be ensured? Here's how... your "Affiliate ID" link sets a "cookie". What's a "cookie"? Its simply a small file that gets written into the hard disc of a visitor to the web site and it serves as an ID tag. Its not an application so there is zero danger to the integrity of the visitor's computer. This way the web site automatically recognises a repeat visitor as someone who has previously ordered through you and they will then be automatically logged as your customer. This is backed up by a database driven system which logs IP addresses and does a few other quite clever things to ensure you're credited with the referred sale.

2. "What about lost parcels?"
Full tracking with tracking numbers is only possible if a client elects to use a shipping option that provides for this from the choices made available on the order form. However, if parcels do go astray or are lost (ie. have exceeded the reasonable time limit for delivery) you should inform us (assuming your client has not done so already) and we will have a replacement sent immediately. Our policy will always be full replacement at our cost and a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason the customer is not satisfied. You carry no liability in this respect

Please click here to ask any other questions you may have about how the affiliate scheme works.

Join the Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate scheme we recommend that you have an account (Create Account) in the main shopping area with the same email address that you intend to use with your affiliate account. This will ensure that you receive all emails relating to new products and articles that can be used in your marketing materials. Having an account in the main shopping area also allows easier selection of products, manufacturers, categories and articles that you may wish to promote through your affiliate account.

If you already have an account in the main shopping area, please log in (Login) and then return to this page via the Affiliate Scheme link in the store for further information on how to join the affiliate scheme. If not, then please create an account and then return here once you have logged in, to receive further information.

The benefits of joining the program are many. Some obvious, some not... you waste no time doing "dead" work... admin, filing, paper chasing, debt collecting etc. You don't have to find the capital to buy whole piles of product, store it, insure it, label it, post it, track it.

You don't even have to take the order and email it or fax it. Nor do you have to handle the payments and pass them on. All this "back office" stuff is handled by our systems.

You just focus on what matters... informing others about the potential benefits of our unique qi-activated products for life energy cultivation and protection. Then point them at the order page.

Simple, focused and productive.

Its flexible too... you can place the orders yourself on behalf of those who either may not have web access or a credit card.

Think of the many ways you can reach people and tell them... first about Energize Your Life's unique energy cultivation products and then how to order...
a link on your website
lead people to the link online
tell people about it offline
have the link on your stationery
put it after your email "signature"

The list goes on, but the point is this however you wish to use it, whoever you refer with a "confident and well informed mind set" will order and your earnings increase.

Kind Regards and with best wishes for your success,

Stephen & Lynda Kane

Energize Your Life Ltd

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