Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper) Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper) Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper)
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The Wealth Energy Egg: One concert in Korea conducting one of the most famous tenors in the world; five performances of Faust in Barcelona; an offer from the Toronto Opera for a Stravinsky production!

Peter V., USA

I've noticed that I'm just not tired in the evenings - still busy doing things at 11.30 - unheard of pre-Energy Egg!

Moira S, Scotland

Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper)
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Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper)

A beautiful, semi-precious, charged Zebra Jasper Akiva Perfect Pendulum with a 16cm silver chain topped by a small sphere of the same stone.

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A beautiful, semi-precious, charged Zebra Jasper Akiva Perfect Pendulum with a 16cm silver chain topped by a small sphere of the same stone.

Akiva Perfect Pendulums are charged with nine resonances that both prevent your pendulum testing from draining your personal energy field and neutralize the accumulation of stresses that can be picked up from test subjects. This reduces problems of switching (reversals of energy that can cause inaccurate answers or damage to your energy body) thus allowing accurate and reliable answers.

The special ovoid shape of the pendulum (reflecting your body’s own energy field and conforming to the golden mean) attunes your awareness directly to energy responses naturally occurring in your energy field all the time. This means your Akiva Perfect Pendulum works without any dependance on, or inteference from, your mind.

No mental questions are required or desirable. It responds to three critical 'questions' (without any mental activity) with one simple method. These questions define every moment of your life:

  • Where do I need to go or be right now?
  • What do I need to do right now?
  • What do I need to not do right now?

The more you choose to live on the basis of your real-time energy responses, the more your higher awareness and other fortunes will increase.

"I have been using the Perfect Pendulum for over a year and have found its testing has made an enormous difference to my life." Lisa M., Aus
"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my Perfect Pendulum. I have never had such accurate answers. Muscle testing . . . wasn't working well." Kim P., USA
“I love the Perfect Pendulum as it is so powerful and responsive.” Doreen P., USA
“In over 30 years of dowsing, I’ve never felt so attuned to the process as I do when using the Perfect Pendulum.” Stephanie R., UK
“I could never get a pendulum to work reliably as an alternative to muscle testing - but this one just works! You have added another dimension to the whole energy work field and muscle testing practices; very impressed! Keep up the great work!” Robert C., Japan
“I use the Perfect Pendulum to help me make good choices in my life. It works reliably providing I . . . follow the guidelines you gave me. Thanks for a practical aid to better decision making!” Mark F., NZ
“I am using my new Perfect Pendulum. It is amazing to test out of curiosity whether something is good or not . . . I never drink coffee and yet the pendulum tested positive. So I am drinking coffee and feeling great. Next, I had scheduled to go and hear an organ concert and tested for it. It came up really negative! So it is breaking my ideas of what could be good for my body and soul” Peter V., USA
“Learning to dowse with a Perfect Pendulum was a fascinating experience. The clarity of the responses amazed me and, through using it, I began to develop my own energy awareness” Natalie F., UK 
"I love, love, love my Perfect Pendulum! What a wonderful tool it is..." Simone SC, USA

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Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper)