Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter
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. . . I find that the quality of my sleep has improved - I used to wake at least once in the night and now I sleep right through . . ."

Elise S., UK

. . . I find that the quality of my sleep has improved - I used to wake at least once in the night and now I sleep right through . . ."

Elise S., UK

Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter
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Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter

The Akiva Guardian Energy Egg (with its own transmitter for remote protection) includes all the upgrades of the original Environmental Stress Eliminator - the most effective environmental stress protection and elimination product of its type since 1984. For comprehensive environmental stress protection and the elimination of accumulated stress in the body, it is made from semi-precious white jade and hand-crafted to our exact specification. Just put it on its transmitter, tune it to you and benefit from its unrivalled power and protection wherever you are or go.


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The Akiva edition Guardian Energy Egg and Transmitter

protect your energy - protect your life

Are you . . .

  • Suffering from tiredness or extreme fatigue?
  • Looking for effective, natural relief from stress symptoms?
  • Concerned about the health dangers of cell phones or other technology?
  • Affected by other people's energies?

If so, Energize Your Life can help you! For almost 30 years, our unique qi energy1 protection products have helped thousands of people worldwide improve their energy balance for better health, greater well-being and enhanced stress management.

“I’d like to buy another Energy Egg. My darling husband has seen the effect of the Guardian Energy Egg on me and wants some of what I’ve got!” Karen V-E, New Zealand

So if you want to . . .

  • Protect yourself against stresses you experience from man-made and natural sources of environmental stress including wi-fi, cell phones, portable phones, 'smart' meters, computers, televisions, ley lines, underground streams, geopathic stress, fluorescent lights, chemicals used in houses and cars, and much more besides
  • Shield yourself from other people's negative energies
  • Balance your energy for better health
  • Become increasingly aware of solutions to your health problems2

. . . you need the Guardian Energy Egg

Why You Need A Guardian Energy Egg

Made from semi-precious white aventurine and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Guardian Energy Egg includes all the upgrades of the original Environmental Stress Eliminator - the most effective product of its type since 1984.

Like everyone else, you will have vulnerabilities to certain forms of environmental stress. For example:

  • Many people are hypersensitive to mobile phones, wifi, smart meters, bluetooth, smart televisions, etc. - but others aren't
  • Some people can feel geopathic stress - harmful earth energies - others can't
  • Many of us find ourselves affected by some other people's energies - but others don't notice such effects

EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) is an 'officially' recognized condition. But most sensitivities to most forms of environmental stress aren't 'officially' recognized no matter how much or how many people suffer them.

Apart from the millions of people who are able to feel the deleterious effects of some types of environmental stress - that's a hypersensitivity - everyone else living in any kind of modern environment is still being damaged by environmental stresses of several different kinds.

"I must say I was very sceptical about the Guardian Energy Egg . . . I have suffered very badly from jet lag.  This time I was very surprised to have no ill effects whatsoever. In fact since we came back . . . I have never been so busy and on the go all the time . . . thank you for making such a difference." Ina U., Scotland

When an environmental stress affects your autonomic nervous system, you feel a symptom. And, with sufficient energy awareness, you can identify the source of your discomfort. But if a stress affects, say, your heart, your spine or your bladder, you won't notice anything until the accumulated stress builds up to the point of causing a symptom or disease - which can take months or years . . .

Then you will be treated for your heart, spine or bladder problem even as, more often than not, you continue being exposed to the original environmental stress in your home or workplace.

Since you cannot possibly avoid all forms of environmental stress, you need the Guardian Energy Egg.


"I've noticed that the Energy Egg is really effective for allergies. One of my clients is using it for her horse allergy - now she can ride horses without any problems"

Milou VR, Netherlands

Your Guardian Energy Egg comes with a comprehensive manual that explains how to use an Energy Egg with the Energy Egg Transmitter. The Energy Egg Transmitter allows your Guardian Energy Egg to continue eliminating environmental stresses that block your health qi, 24/7. The manual also details practices and exercises to enhance your Guardian Energy Egg's qi energy-cultivating effects.


Change Your Energy To Change Your Life!

We are so confident in the Guardian Energy Egg, our original energy protection and stress-elimination device, we offer our unique . . .

12 Month Money-Back Guarantee3

. . . so you have time to fully experience its benefits.

You have nothing to lose but your stress

Try it - you'll like it!


1  Qi energy, also called chi energy or ki energy, is at the heart of qi gong, tai chi, and reiki

2  As your stress burden - the quantity of accumulated environmental stress - in your nervous system decreases, your awareness of what is really good for you increases

3  Please refer to "Shipping and Returns" for further details.


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Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter