Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg
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Loving the Wealth Angel . . . everything I need seems to manifest at the charity shop, a bike, a bread bin, clothes for work, birthday presents for people, etc. and the manager will take little for it.... Does it stop you minding about lack of financial wealth too? I'm certainly feeling that way inclined.

Dr. T.W., UK

The Energy Egg is amazing. I forgot to put mine on its transmitter one night and I sweated so much more

Linda H., UK

Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg
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Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg

 . . . for unrivalled Wifi Protection

The Akiva edition Omega Energy Egg - an Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with transmitter on a Shendor ee base - is the pinnacle of our energy protection products, specifically targetting the stresses from wifi, smart meters and other pulsed microwave devices, as well as stress from other people together with all of the environmental stress protection offered by the Akiva Guardian Energy Egg (with or without its transmitter).

"Feeling the beneficial effects of the new Akiva already:)"
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The Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg

The Akiva edition Omega - an Akiva Guardian Energy Egg with transmitter on a Shendor ee base - effectively neutralises many of the symptoms associated with exposure to pulsed microwave radiation as well as many other environmental stresses, entities and stress received from other people. The Akiva Omega Energy Egg rapidly responds to pulsed microwave radiation-induced (e.g. wifi) stress fluctuations in the human energy field, and so is able to counteract the stress created by these pulsed signals on the human body.

Please bear in mind that, in spite of all the many 'scientific' claims being made for various products on the market, we are unaware of energy protection device that makes more than a superficial difference to microwave-stress poisoning. The Akiva OMEGA is the only energy protection device we know of that actually grounds out the stress from the human energy field, as opposed to hyper-stimulating the autonomic nervous system in ways that eventually lead to the development of new and, potentially, more serious problems.

Pulsed-microwave radiation - an environmental stress emitted by home or town wifi, computers with wifi connections, 'smart' meters, mobile phones, 'smart' televisions, DAB radio, DECT portable phones, bluetooth transmitters, mobile phone masts, wifi baby monitors, etc. - induces stresses in the nervous system, circulatory system, genito-urinary system and endocrine system that are particularly hard for the body to eliminate.

Symptoms of pulsed-microwave radiation poisoning can include insomnia, sweating, memory loss, rash, brain fog, stress, arrhythmia, exhaustion, atypical irritability, depression, anxiety, etc. - which is why microwave technology has been referred to by scientific experts as the 'tobacco smoke of the 21st century.'

Even though mobile phone signals are more powerful, wifi is more disruptive for your nervous system and endocrine system. So, many people who don't experience significant symptoms using mobile phones soon experience relatively disabling symptoms when in wifi fields.

The Akiva OMEGA also offers much more powerful protection from others people's energies and many other common categories of environmental stress such as geopathic stress, electrical and electronic devices, sha-chi etc.

Although public awareness of the dangers of 24/7 exposure to home or town wifi, computers with wifi connections, 'smart' meters, mobile phone signals, 'smart' televisions, DAB radio, DECT portable phones, etc. is slowly growing - e.g. The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS Energize Your Life became aware of the problem when wifi-enabled routers first entered the market. Until then, we were looking forward to the 'wireless office' . . .

As soon as we became aware of the potentially devastating impact of wifi and associated technologies, we started creating a new device for neutralising their insidious effects. To this end, we developed the Omega series of Environmental Stress Eliminators. For people who are not extremely hypersensitive to pulsed-microwave radiation, the Omega will neutralise many of the symptoms associated with exposure to this global 21st century environmental toxin.

"My gratitude and thanks for your latest breakthrough with Energy Eggs! Since setting up the Omega configuration several months ago I have noticed a decrease in significant sources of stress in my life – such as difficult relationships and EMF, particularly from WiFi . . . since setting up the OMEGA configuration the level of stress I experience is now close to zero, which is a real blessing . . ." Mark F., N.Z.

"I am so grateful for all the work you both put in to produce the Akiva and other energy products, trainings, coaching etc. It has all made a huge difference to my life: my work, relationships and my overall happiness." RH, UK

"Feeling the beneficial effects of the new Akiva already:)" VD, UK

"Our life is definitely different now in positive way." MvR, Netherlands>

" . . very impressed with the new spec and explanations about Akiva technicalities/developments and abilities . . it's a reminder of the gift you share with us all to our benefit. . ." RC, UK

"Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for your dedication to the continuous development of the Omega  . . " JT,UK

The Omega is part of an ongoing research program into means of fully neutralising the effects of microwave-induced stress in every area of the body. Omega owners who are members of the Life Energy Awareness Forum are kept informed of the latest upgrades and other developments


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Akiva OMEGA Energy Egg