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The Ultimate Guide on energy-aware feng shui as created and taught in the unique Shendo Feng Shui Training from the School of Energy Awareness. 400 pages of more than 170 tried and tested techniques for optimizing the energies of your home to support your health and other life energies. 

Make your home your friend, clearly, easily and with no doubt. No more following feng shui theories on faith, then wondering later why new problems have gradually crept up on you.

If you are seriously interested in awakening and developing your own environmental energy awareness, Hidden Secrets of Real Health is the best place to begin. 

Customer reviews

Peter V., USA

I am amazed at my newly acquired abilities - just incredible!

Merlin P., UK

Hidden Secrets of Real Health has been a fantastic manual for me. As a feng shui book, it is one of the simplest and clearest texts I have read. This is why I was able to put into place so many of the ideas and techniques. Having read other feng shui books, although they go into great detail and capture the imagination, I find I end up not feeling sure about much of the actual application and have not really had much success, until now. I was interested in it as an alternative health book initially, but it does actually deal with many of the other life energies like 'security', 'wealth' and 'relationships' as you go through . . . It even teaches you how to tune into your property with special tests to make it all personal to you instead of 'one size fits all.' I would definitely recommend Hidden Secrets of Real Health to anyone looking to do their own Feng Shui DIY.

Janice K, Italy

Thanks for such a wonderful book There are hours and hours of material to be studied here.

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