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When you feel stressed in any way, you are experiencing a consequence of some of your energy falling from your head to your chest, abdomen or lower. It’s the fall of your energy that generates the sense of not feeling okay. For example, when someone feels depressed, energy is falling from the centre of their forehead to the bottom of their sternum. Whereas if a person feels suicidal, their energy is falling all the way down to their coccyx (root chakra).

If we can raise our energy back up to where it belongs - whether through eating a certain food, taking a remedy, doing an exercise, reading a book, talking to someone, meditation, medication, music, a good night’s sleep or by any other means - we feel better. In fact, we’ve seen many people change their mood from depression or despair to laughter and happiness within a matter of minutes. It’s always about raising your energy now.

Now I Am Light is a shendo* instrument or namen for raising your energy. Or, you might say, for raising your spirit(s). This means, it points to an action that will raise your Heart - a unique energy at the root of your heart chakra. The more your actions are Heart energy-ascending, the more they open your awareness to simple means of gradually changing your energy and your life in fortunate ways.

'Shendo' means Way of the Heart. This term refers to the on-going practice of cultivating your Heart's ascent. The more you choose Heart-ascending actions, the stronger the impetus of your Heart's ascent. 

In other words, the more often you choose the right food, exercise, book, music and so on, the less you find yourself dragged down by the events or circumstances of your life. Or even for no known reason at all.

Now I Am Light opens your eyes to what is right for you here and now. Because it's a namen, it can be operated with any form of energy awareness or with any bio-energy test, (e.g. a dowsing or kinesiological test). If you use a pendulum, we recommend the Perfect pendulum or the Omega pendulum for optimal responses.

The intent of Now I Am Light is to transform a present moment into an energy-ascending moment. The more you employ the moments of your life as means of transformation, the more your stress burden - forms of friction in your life - become higher-energy fortunes instead.  

This means, with regular practice, Now I Am Light will sustain your energy at higher and higher levels for increased ...

Awareness - Wisdom  - Happiness - Inner Strength - Success

*The first stage of shendo - the Ascension Dyana - is the subject of the Living With Energy Awareness training.

The Now I Am Light poster comes with a short e-book which describes both the function of the Now I am Light namen and its activation practice. 

NB. the poster is A4 size and fits in a standard A4 photo frame (not supplied). 

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Reading the ebook alone has helped sharpen my mind to the valuable lessons Stephen and Lynda have taught over the years. Somehow hearing them in a new form helps the understanding...another piece of the puzzle. Thank you!

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