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I tell everyone, there's nothing on the planet like the Energy Egg for stopping my allergic reactions

Ilanit T., Australia

I tripped over a tree root and twisted my knee in an attempt to right myself and keep from falling. Later that evening my knee began to ache and I applied the obligatory ice, etc. On Sunday I was in even more pain....and by this morning I was not only in excruciating pain but I had to walk with a pronounced limp...As a last resort (& because I never thought of it earlier) I held the Energy Egg to my knee for about 15 minutes (possibly less). When I stood up, I was totally astonished---almost no pain (I'd say 85% gone) and no limp.

Saralee C., USA

Chronic Shock Egg
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Chronic Shock Egg

The Chronic Shock Energy Egg works to eliminate disabling abusive relationship stresses in a gentle and evolving way, allowing you to release long-held emotional distress that you may or may not be very conscious of.

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The Chronic Shock Energy Egg 

the abusive relationship stress eliminator

Are you

  • Suffering from shyness, nervousness or fear when around other people?    
  • Finding yourself responding in an aggressive or judgmental way that's 'just not you'?  
  • Having difficulty communicating what you want or need?    
  • Carrying negative thoughts or feelings from a past or current relationship, that just never seem to go away?         

If so, you may be suffering from accumulated abusive relationship stress that is, quite literally, preventing you from being happy.

Abusive relationship stress is an energy received from another person when you are vulnerable to their criticism, judgemental or negative personal comments, or remarks containing their anger, fear, self-importance or any other form of stress. 

'Vulnerability' means that their energy– a foreign energy – gets stuck inside your own energy body.

Because your energenic immune system is unable to fully eliminate it, a resident foreign energy displaces your own native energy so, in a very real way, you lose some sense of who you really are. This results in a sense of insecurity, loss of self-confidence and/or difficulty interacting with other people.

Everyone, to one degree or another, has been negatively affected by a relationship stress at some time in their life. And as time passes, all this relationship ‘stuff’ adds to an increasingly heavy ‘stress burden’ – an internal, energenic weight that is constantly reducing the quality of your life by blocking the natural  flows of qi needed for you to experience your natural inner strength, happiness and success.


"I'm really noticing the effects of the Happiness Egg already! I feel more able to challenge difficult thoughts and maintain my focus on my task AND having loads of insights and feeling much more grounded. Also my ability to find my centre when in situations I'd usually have felt got at or bullied is radically different." I.W., New Zealand


The Chronic Shock Energy Egg is the original 100% natural, stone Energy Egg that:

  • Gently eliminates abusive relationship stress   
  • Reduces your vulnerability to other people's energies and negativity 
  • Helps you manage difficult relationships more effectively
  • Restores and strengthens your happiness qi: the energy stored in your thymus or happiness' chakra in your upper chest. The more happiness qi you hold, the higher your basal or day-to-day happiness.


Why You Need A Chronic Shock Energy Egg

The Chronic Shock Egg works to eliminate disabling abusive relationship stresses in a gentle and evolving way, allowing you to release long-held emotional distress that you may or may not be very conscious of.

The Chronic Shock Egg also steadily strengthens your ability to cope with new or re-visited relationships in a positive and increasingly aware way, to resist succumbing to abusive people's negative influence, and to re-establish, in particular, the natural flow of happiness qi throughout your energy body.


"I have had a wonderful day. I was sick when I woke up today for some reason – I was dizzy and had a hard time standing up. Once I had the Happiness Egg in my hand it stopped and I have felt just great ever since. I am so optimistic about this Energy Egg!" Tom B., Norway


Your Chronic Shock Energy Egg information includes practices and exercises that enhance its energy-cultivating effects.


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