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A few weeks ago I bought an energy egg and it really works! I decided to sell them in my health food store.

Rose V., NL

I started using the Energy Egg yesterday and WOW! That morning I felt grotty (cystitis). Two hours after tuning the transmitter I felt really well.

Karen VE, N Z

Customer Rewards Scheme

As a token of our appreciation we have introduced Customer Reward Points. Now every time you shop with us you will receive Customer Reward Points for every product you buy. Your Customer Reward Points can then be redeemed in exchange for a discount voucher.

How will I know how many Reward Points I Will Receive For my Order?

Customer Reward Points are automatically calculated as part of the order process and you will receive 10 points for every  pound spent on products. Please note that the calculation is based on product cost only and excludes additional costs such as shipping.

Will I receive Customer Reward Points on Every Order?

Yes...but with two exceptions

1) Orders which include customer discounts will not attract Reward Points. This basically only affects our trade customers.

2) Orders which include the use of a discount voucher, will not attract Reward Points, (unless the discount voucher is a Rewards voucher). This also only affect a small percentage of orders as discount vouchers are usually used either for special offers which we announce occasionally in newsletters, or members of few trade organisations with whom we have special relationships.

How much are the Reward Points worth? 

The rewards start at 1000 points which you can exchange for a £2 voucher to spend. Essentially we are giving 2% back to spend with us, although this will increase from time to time with double and triple Reward Points Promotions.

How do I know how many Customer Reward Points I have? 

The number of points you have earned can be seen in the "My Account" Section. 

How Do I Redeem My Points?

In the "My Account" Section, you will find a link to create your Rewards Voucher. The value of the Voucher will depend on how many Customer Reward Points you have earned. Your Rewards Voucher will then be made available as part of the checkout process.

If you need any further information about our Reward Points please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Stephen and Lynda Kane research and document human energy systems and their interaction with the myriad energies of our environment.
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Customer Rewards Scheme