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When I received my Loving Relationships Energy Egg, I was challenged in a number of ways around friendships/relationships - e.g. I recently told my mother I am not real with her – happened rather spontaneously… The outcome, was her request to talk with me about it. I went into this holding only one thing with real clarity – that I could not ask, nor expect her, to change, that she is as she is… But softly, in response to her questions, I told her a little more of my truth (which I would never have done in the past – unless wanting to suffer a deluge/attack). After a life-time of being told everything I do is wrong and feeling I was not important to her, nor loved, she apologised very very genuinely – and told me how important I was and how much she had loved me, and how she had not been able to show this, had felt this to be wrong. I did not ask for this from her, nor expect it, but is was so very lovely to hear.

Karen VE, N Z

I've found the Energy Egg amazing. I always had writer's block and found it extremely difficult to write. Now with the Energy Egg in my pocket, I find I can last for hours writing even until 3, 4 5 o'clock in the morning.

Isabel J., UK

The Returning Life

Each time you make a choice - e.g. what to eat or wear, where to sit and which direction to face, what to say, or where to go - your life energies or qi respond. Your available qi controls every aspect of your well-being and consciousness. So every choice you make influences your well-being and your consciousness.

Each such influence can be described as ascending or descending in nature. This means it causes a slight, (or not so slight), shift of one or more forms of qi up or down. The more ascending choices you make, the more you create a higher energy future for yourself. But the more your qi descends the more misfortunes await you in your future.

"I have noticed how amazingly energized I get after a few minutes of the Returning Life...yesterday I was really tired and did it. And then I wasn't tired at all!" Brigitte L, Iceland


Any effective form of exercise causes some of your qi to ascend. For example, if you go for a walk some of your health qi in your 4th chakra, (which controls your heart function), ascends a little. Equally, if you practise tai chi, some of your health qi ascends from your 3rd chakra.

Even though any ascent of qi is beneficial, no extant exercise system causes significant ascents of qi from every chakra . . . until now. The Returning Life has been created specifically to cause all forms of life and fortune qi to ascend from every chakra. This means all your life energy shifts a little in the most fortunate direction - upwards. It doesn't mean you instantly feel better in all possible respects. But it does mean that each time you practise the Returning Life - and for up to 24 hours afterwards - more of your life (than before) is moving in the right direction.


"I do the Returning Life . . . until the negative energy has lifted up and calm is restored. I am amazed at the inspiration I then receive and the good guidance moment-to-moment in dealing with difficult people and situations. It is so empowering. Your work is strengthening the core of my being, accessing my deepest powers and making me independent. This is simply fabulous. THANK YOU." [name withheld]


Created by Stephen Kane at the School of Energy Awareness, the Returning Life weave is a powerful series of energy-cultivating passes (consciousness-generating movements) for restoring and balancing your life and awareness energies. It is one of the root practices of the Shendo, where practitioners use it to awaken and develop their essential, or karma-transforming, creativity and talents.

Descending energy leads to an increasingly constricted life due to increasing deficiencies of vitality, health, wealth, relationship, happiness or success qi. Also, most fundamentally, loss of awareness qi. The more you are willing to turn your energy around the more you find not only your sense of vitality returning but also your awareness of new possibilities. Ascending life energies re-open your mind and re-awaken your enthusiasm for living.


"I am getting back on track mostly. And really notice such a difference back doing the Returning Life and Stations of the Way. It was good in a way to experience the feeling of not doing them to realise what an impact they make!" Ilanit T., Australia


Practising the Returning Life weave literally causes life energy or qi to ascend through your energy body. The more this process occurs the more it generates a higher energy future for you [than it, otherwise, would be] by causing profound and concrete changes in your life and well-being over time.

The Returning Life DVD teaches the first three 'ascents' (there are 16 in all) of the series - which includes 12 passes - plus the Stations of the Way. This is a simple series of postures that increases your body's energenic capacity - the amount of ascending energy you are capable of holding. The whole routine takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

The rest of the Returning Life - the other 13 ascents (52 passes) - are taught in the Shendo and will be released on a series of DVDs.


"I have been loving the Returning Life and . . . most recently I have felt really different after doing the sequence, almost 'buzzing' is the best way I could describe it. I felt very empowered. I went to work after doing it - I was teaching babies how to swim - and I had a very odd experience. Unlike any other time before, the babies couldn't take their eyes off me, they were somehow transfixed by me. I'd never had that before . . .!" Brandy D., UK


change your energy to change your life!

The Returning Life Sequence DVD
The Returning Life Sequence DVD

Practising the Returning Life weave literally causes life energy or qi to ascend through your energy body. The more this process occurs the more it generates a higher energy future for you

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