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My energy is dramatically better. The Energy Egg is doing a great job. I really appreciate it!"

Mark F., NZ

After allowing a few days to let any effect from the Q-link dissipate, I have set the Guardian Angel up in my bedroom . . . I am very impressed with the effects of the Guardian Angel so far. I also notice a response in me of feeling my heart open when I look at it. I am now considering an Archangel for my work place.

Dr. M.S., UK

Life Energy Cultivation Practices
The Returning Life Sequence DVD
The Returning Life Sequence DVD

Practising the Returning Life weave literally causes life energy or qi to ascend through your energy body. The more this process occurs the more it generates a higher energy future for you

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Stephen and Lynda Kane research and document human energy systems and their interaction with the myriad energies of our environment.
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