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“On July 13th I started using a . . . Guardian Angel . . . I could write a book on its consequences: Within two weeks my diabetes was controllable with much less supplements. My long term ear pains . . . disappeared . . . My need for . . . echinacea drops each day (to stop severe throat infections for the last 2 years) ended . . . I felt rivers of healing and heat flowing throughout my body . . . My simple Reiki 1 seemed to open up and I have been able to use my own hands for healing myself.”

Veronica M., Ireland

. . . thank you very much for your wonderful help... I have been feeling soooo much better - like a container that isn't leaking energy anymore... you guys should be on the cover of Time magazine!

Erica L., N.Z.

Life Energy Cultivation Practices
The Returning Life Sequence DVD
The Returning Life Sequence DVD

Practising the Returning Life weave literally causes life energy or qi to ascend through your energy body. The more this process occurs the more it generates a higher energy future for you

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Stephen and Lynda Kane research and document human energy systems and their interaction with the myriad energies of our environment.
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