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My mother was skeptical that the Energy Egg would make any difference to her. But she noticed that when she has been in shops in recent months that have overhead fluorescent lighting, she finds she cannot think straight, and then comes out, having forgotten to buy certain items.Since wearing the . . . Energy Egg, she has found a noticeable improvement when she is in shops.

Anne D., UK

I'd like to buy another Energy Egg. My darling husband has seen the effect of the Guardian Energy Egg on me and wants some of what I've got!

Karen VE, N Z

Premium Environmental Stress Eliminators and Space Clearers

Energy Angels and Archangels

Because of the very wide range of environmental stresses it can neutralize, the Energy Angel or Archangel is the space-clearing instrument par excellence. When people consider 'environmental stress' they tend to think of the various forms of electromagnetic stress ('EMF' or 'EMR') that may be damaging their health. But they may be less aware of:

  • The ornamental semi-precious stone - e.g. an amethyst rock - damaging their partnership qi
  • The picture that's weakening their wealth qi
  • The hostile tree in the garden that's reducing their security/respect qi

Each Energy Angel or Archangel clears multiple stresses from a living or working environment with respect to a certain form of life energy or qi. And, unlike an Energy Egg, an Energy Angel/Archangel clears the space for everyone in that environment. This is why an Angel or Archangel is ideal for a family home or a busy office or clinic.

". . . Such enormous change & improvement in my life since first getting the Energy Eggs and Archangels around the middle of 2011 - I am filled with gratitude every day for what you have made possible." Carl M., UK

Additional benefits of Energy Angels/Archangels include:

  • No need for costly alterations to buildings for better feng shui. Energy Angels/Archangels neutralize the effects of beams, malformed living spaces, geopathic stresses, stress-emitting roads, buildings or natural landscape features, etc..
  • Amplification of your ascending awareness. Your ascending awareness is the energy in you that leads to higher quality perception and understanding of yourself, others, and your or others' lives. People who find themselves stuck in a certain situation are suffering an inevitable consequence of insufficient ascending awareness of that situation. The more your awareness rises above whatever is going on or not going on in your life, the more free you become.
Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. Albert Einstein
  • Cultivation of your fortunes. Every fortunate experience, state or circumstance reflects the quantities of fortune qi in each area of your body. Your fortune qi generate your wisdom, inner strength, happiness (including health) and success. Whereas the experiences, states and circumstances that include confusion, failure, exhaustion or injury (including illness) reflect deficiencies of fortune qi in areas of your body.

Each Energy Angel/Archangel cultivates your fortune qi through two simple practices included in its operating instructions.Energy Archangels are simply larger versions of Energy Angels.

We would always recommend an Archangel for a 3 or more-bedroom property. But for those who can afford one, it is also has a more powerful positive energy for smaller properties. And it may be necessary for properties that are fairly spread out, such as ranch-style bungalows.

Four types of Angels and Archangels are available, offering the same benefits as their smaller Energy Egg counterparts:

Energy Angel Stone Qi
Guardian Angel & Archangel White Aventurine Health
Wealth Angel & Archangel Green Aventurine Wealth
Loving Relationship Angel & Archangel Red Aventurine Partnership
Star Angel & Archangel Starstone Security & Respect

"I finally received the Archangel and it has now been in the flat for a couple of weeks. My line of thoughts is much brighter and life feels definitely much easier so I am pleased to say it is definitely making the difference. . .  I am feeling better than in a very long time." Tom B., Norway

Not sure which Angel or Archangel you most need? Book a Decisions Decisions and we'll be happy to see which product most enhances your life energies at this time.

Note: all Energy Angels and Archangels are covered by our unique

12 month, money-back, guarantee

Change your energy to change your life!

Replacement Base Archangel

Acrylic Base No. 7 for current model Energy Archangels. Inside diameter 9.5cm, height 3.8cm. Please check the diameter of your Archangel about 2 cm up from the bottom before ordering this base.

Reward Points: 99
Star Angel
Star Angel

Made from semi-precious 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Angel cultivates your security/respect qi.

Reward Points: 2,590
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