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Are you . . .

  • Suffering from tiredness or extreme fatigue?
  • Looking for effective, natural relief from stress symptoms?
  • Concerned about the health dangers of cell phones or other technology?
  • Affected by other people's energies?

If so, Energize Your Life! can help you. For over 35 years, our unique energy protection products have helped thousands of people worldwide improve their energy balance for better health, greater well-being and enhanced stress management.

The Guardian Energy Egg includes all the upgrades of the original Environmental Stress Eliminator - the most effective energy protection product since 1984 for comprehensive, whole body environmental stress elimination and energy protection.  

The Guardian Energy Egg is made from semi-precious white jade and hand-crafted to our exact specification, then charged with unique forms of ki-energy that give it its unrivaled life-energy protection and environmental stress-elimination properties.

Unlike other 'energy protection' products - including 'scientifically-tested' devices - the Guardian Energy Egg does not emit any environmental stresses itself. Rather than artificially stimulating your nervous system - the normal means of temporarily feeling better - it only strengthens your energy body's natural stress-elimination processes. 

The Guardian Energy Egg can be . . .

  • Worn on your body, day or night
  • Placed on a Shendor ee-Base which amplifies then transmits your Energy Egg's signal to you no matter where you are

So if you want to protect your energy and your lifeyou really need your own Guardian Energy Egg. There's nothing else remotely like it.

Note - the Energy Egg base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

The Guardian Energy Egg set includes...

  • A Guardian Energy Egg
  • An Energy Egg Transmitter
  • A Shendor EE-Base
  • A full set of instructions for attunement and stress neutralisation. you have everything you need for comprehensive, whole body environmental stress elimination and energy protection.

Customer reviews

Karen V-E, NZ

I’d like to buy another Energy Egg. My darling husband has seen the effect of the Guardian Energy Egg on me and wants some of what I’ve got!

Lisa C., Aus

I rarely 'feel' wifi or mobile phones now. Perhaps once every week or two. When I do, the Guardian Energy Egg environmental stress neutralization method helps a lot.

Ina U, Scotland

I must say I was very skeptical about the Guardian Energy Egg . . . I have suffered very badly from jet lag. This time I was very surprised to have no ill effects whatsoever. In fact since we came back . . . I have never been so busy and on the go all the time . . . thank you for making such a difference.

Thora K., Iceland

First let me say: Thank you! I've had your Energy eEgg for over a year now and I must say that I have really felt it working for me. My energy level has been much higher since I got it, I am much calmer and don't seem to get bothered with 'nonsense' anymore. The days that I've left the Energy Egg accidentally at home I have been prone to distraction and more easily drained by the everyday stuff at work or around me (yes also on the days when I didn't know I didn't have my e-Egg with me). Needless to say these days have been few since I've tried to keep the e-Egg with me at all times. Again, thank you for the positive influence you've had on the life of me and my family.

Hilde K., Netherlands

The Energy Egg I received a few weeks ago is incredible! I feel better mentally and other peoples energies don't have that much influence as before. Thank you very much!

Isabel J., UK

My horse was critically ill at the vets, he'd had a huge allergic reaction and his skin was sloughing off which caused him to get a bacterial infection under his skin. He had a very high temperature and the vet said it was touch and go. I took his Energy Egg to the clinic and just rubbed it along his neck underneath his mane ... I went back the next morning and his temperature had dropped! He's on the road to recovery.

Anandi, UK

I swear by my Energy Egg ... and have come off my Prozac!

Thea W., France

The abdominal pain I get while operating printing equipment in my office, completely disappeared after I put my Energy Egg in my pocket.

Moira S., Scotland

I've noticed that I'm just not tired in the evenings - still busy doing things at 11.30 - unheard of pre-Energy Egg!"

Linda H., UK

I’ve had no more palpitations since receiving the Energy Egg - and I used to get them whenever I sat at my computer!

Anne D., UK

My mother was skeptical that the Energy Egg would make any difference to her. But she noticed that when she has been in shops in recent months that have overhead fluorescent lighting, she finds she cannot think straight, and then comes out, having forgotten to buy certain items.Since wearing the . . . Energy Egg, she has experienced a noticeable improvement when she is in shops.

Mark W., UK

When we bought our new car, I immediately started feeling very car sick. After neutralizing the stress with my Energy Egg, the nausea disappeared within 5 minutes!

Jo M., UK

Thanks for letting me know about Energy Egg techniques. My mum has started doing this now, and says she feels she has more energy all of a sudden . . . She finds she can go into town and have visitors and not get tired like she did before. Whereas a trip into town used to really affect her and make her tired for the day.

Margaret T., Wales

I went into a garden centre and suddenly I couldn't breathe, my throat was closing up, it was like someone was tightening a rope around my neck, my stomach was blowing up, it was awful. So, I put my hand in my pocket and got out my Energy Egg . . . and within just 2 minutes I felt it all passing over me and I came completely back to normal, my throat relaxed, it all just faded away. It was just incredible, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the Energy Egg.

Rob T., Australia

The Energy Egg is a winner! I have been much better since receiving it and have been able to ditch both the injections and the Celebrex!"

Alan & Charm B., UK

We are both feeling so well and energized... and loving our Energy Eggs!

Clare C., UK

I'm such a different person since I've had my Energy Egg!

Maggie B., UK

Since the Energy Egg: no reaction to stressful situations; much more confident; writing tremendously improved and much faster.

Tom C., UK

. . . I neutralised the stress with my Energy Egg and, hey presto, the anxiety was completely gone! I hadn't realized how easily I could pick up someone else's energy.

Margaret T., Wales

I stayed on the computer for 5 hrs last night. Until I had the Energy Egg, I had to stop after 15 minutes.

How Y., Singapore

In the two weeks I have used the Energy Egg thus far, I feel that having it has cut down my stress/anxiety levels by about half during high pressure situations I faced during a work day"

Virginia D., UK

I didn't think that I had that much 'bad energy' around me before, but I noticed the effects almost immediately. More energy too, I am getting another two hours at the end of each day when I am just reading because I am not tired enough to go to sleep. This would just not have happened before - very interesting.

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