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If you wish to attract or cultivate more-loving relationships, this is the Energy Egg for you. The Loving Relationships Energy Egg combines the energies of attraction (2nd chakra) with nurture (4th chakra). In other words, someone who genuinely cares for you. 

Do you ...

  • Feel like your relationships drain your energy?
  • Wish you knew people on a similar wavelength?
  • Want that special someone to share your life with?
  • Need to improve the quality of a current relationship?

Who we meet; how well we get along; how it works out over time - none of it happens by chance. All of our choices and opportunities are influenced by our energy. And, in the case of our relationships, this energy is our partnership ki. The state of your relationships, for better or for worse, reflects the state of your partnership ki in your body.

The good news is that you can consciously cultivate your partnership ki for bringing higher quality relationships into your life. And the Loving Relationships Energy Egg is a powerful means of achieving this.

When your energy body is invaded by any form of stress, it automatically tries to eliminate it. Unfortunately, some forms of stress are harder to eliminate than others. And you will also be personally vulnerable to some forms of stress more than others.

Since each form of stress accumulates in your energy body at a certain depth, an effective stress-elimination technology must be able to reach each form of stress at the depth where it’s present.

All Energy Eggs now include the Shendor ee-Base because it causes the Energy Egg stress-elimination effect to reach areas of your energy body that other technologies or techniques can't reach. Also, when your Energy Egg is standing on its Shendor ee-base, its protective influence extends to you no matter where you are.

Unless you are unusually energy-aware, most of time you won’t notice your Energy Egg doing its job. But you will notice, as time passes, changes for the better - often in terms of reduced hypersensitivity to environmental stresses that currently cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog or other symptoms.

Note - the Energy Egg base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

The Loving Relationships Energy Egg set includes...

  • A Loving Relationships Energy Egg
  • An Energy Egg Transmitter
  • A Shendor EE-Base
  • A full set of instructions for attunement and stress neutralisation. 

...so you have everything you need to cultivate your partnership ki!

Customer reviews

Sarah H, UK

I bought a Loving Relationship Energy Egg which I think may have been the reason that a couple of weeks after being ill, I received an email 'out of the blue' from a lad I had been in love with in my teens. . .

Gary M., USA

Thanks so much! This has been my infinite quest for years now, something, anything to neutralize the intense allergic reaction(s) and using the Loving Relationship Energy Egg seems to do just that for me.

Carol C., UK

Fantastic results with the Loving Relationships Energy Egg . . . I’m certainly having experiences I thought only happened in books and have felt an opening of my heart chakra. I am experiencing tenderness, passion, excitement, honesty, fun, bliss, friendship, open communication and a very deep connection…all with one person. For me, however short or long I need to experience this I will be glad to have had it and lost rather than to never have known it. This in itself feels like an incredible Spiritual process. I don't remember receiving such unconditional caring from a man I'm involved with before. It blows me away.

Mary C., UK

Something amazing happened yesterday a few hours after the Energy Eggs arrived here . . . one of my daughter's who cut off contact with me several years ago, sent an email inviting me to visit her and meet my granddaughter! As a result of this, another daughter has asked me to order her a Loving Relationships Energy Egg with a Transmitter.

Karen vE., UK

When I received my relationship egg, I was challenged in a number of ways around friendships/relationships and I willingly gave the time, energy I needed to it. One lovely example: I recently told my mother ... a little more of my truth (which I would never have done in the past – unless wanting to suffer a deluge/attack). After a life-time of being told everything I do is wrong and feeling I was not important to her, nor loved, she apologised very very genuinely – and told me how important I was and how much she had loved me, and how she had not been able to show this, had felt this to be wrong. I did not ask for this from her, nor expect it, but is was so very lovely to hear.

Mrs C., UK

My LRA has changed my life !!!! It has changed the relationship I have with myself, with my children and is now busy attracting relationships to me I couldn’t have imagined possible a few years ago......

Susan B., USA

I've got the relationships egg set up on its transmitter by my bed and I do believe it is starting to work because I got through the ordeal of the holiday here and could actually deal with a relative that I have all kinds of trouble with.

Hannah J., USA

I just wanted to share that I have really noticed a difference - new people coming into my life, more ease in communications, being invited to things, meeting more people, enjoying the people in my life. Also just feeling a bit more settled and like I am in a place that is really 'working', and has potential for my life to grow..

Emma W., UK

I gave my sister a loving relationship egg. She was having relationship issues so I told her to do a sequence with the egg. She has been doing the sequence every day and now the relationship issues are beginning to have a positive outcome. She swears it’s because of the egg. 

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