Sexual Healing Energy Egg Set

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Sexual Healing Energy Egg Set

When a chakra is invaded by someone else’s energy, it starts to malfunction - often in ways that may not become apparent for many years. If the foreign energy was received through sex, the Sexual Healing Energy Egg will start to eliminate it.

When you have sex, your natural energy immunity eliminates most of your partner’s energy. Most, but not all. The foreign energy that stays behind can go anywhere in your body.

Sex stress largely accumulates in the 2nd chakra - the chakra of anger (including blame, guilt, negative criticism, irritation, etc.) - also your pelvis, sacrum, lower back and lower abdomen. But where a particular sexual partner’s energy goes is ultimately determined by the nature of their energy and your degree of vulnerability to that energy anywhere in your body. Some people really can 'do your head in!' ...

Regardless of how much fun you had receiving it, when foreign energy gets stuck in you, it displaces some of your energy from wherever it belongs in your energy body. And the more your energy - your life, fortune or awareness ki - is displaced, the more malfunctions of one kind or another eventually appear in your body, mind or life.

The Sexual Healing Energy Egg helps your energy body destabilize and eliminate foreign energies received through sex. So, for example if you have ...

  • a physical health problem
  • depression, anxiety or a recurring, negative train of thought
  • a creative block
  • repetitive relationship issues

... or any number of other on-going challenges resulting from the presence of a sexual foreign energy, the Sexual Healing Energy Egg will help you start taking back the energy you’ve been missing for so long - often for years.

The Sexual Healing Energy Egg frees-up bound energies - energies you can then focus in new ways to achieve higher-energy work, creativity, health and relationships (to name just a few).

The more you own your own energy, the brighter your life becomes.

This process only becomes apparent through your noticing how you are or what you are now able to do that hasn’t previously been the case - also, possibly, for many years. Recovery of health, or energy for relationships, creativity, abundance, exercise or spiritual practice, can all increase as foreign energies previously received through sex gradually leave your energy body. It just depends where those foreign energies are being eliminated from.

When your energy body is invaded by any form of stress, it automatically tries to eliminate it. Unfortunately, some forms of stress are harder to eliminate than others. And you will also be personally vulnerable to some forms of stress more than others.

Recent examples of Sexual Healing Energy Egg stress-elimination include ...

  • Attraction of new, heart-resonant relationship - (2nd chakra to heart chakra)
  • Recovery from persistent genito-urinary disorder - (1st chakra to 2nd chakra)
  • Awakening of new awareness of healing applications of essential oils - (2nd chakra to 4th chakra)
  • Cessation of inflammatory condition in hips, lower back and pelvis - (2nd chakra to 6th chakra)

In each case, a nadi was cleared of sexual foreign energy to the point where the client experienced a change for the better. But the nature of any such change entirely depends on how your energy has been compromised by your past or current sexual relationships. Everyone is different.

However, one way in which everyone is the same is that foreign energy received through sex starts obstructing some of your energy to the degree it isn’t fully eliminated or transformed into higher energy fortunes, including your higher awareness.

The Sexual Healing Energy Egg protects you from energy-obstructing sexual foreign energies. And the Way of Life training, for members of the Shendo online community, includes methods of transforming sex stress into higher-energy wisdom, inner strength, success, happiness and awareness. Let us know if you are interested in joining the Shendo- places are limited - and we’ll get back to you as soon as a space becomes available.

"Feel quite wowed by ... Having heard for a number of years that things just easily shift and change when your energy changes, this is the most concrete experience of that I have had to date, and it’s had a huge impact on me! I am less tired, my brain is clearer and my perception of my energetic needs has jumped to a new level ... It's like a whole new sense of me just landed and the timing couldn’t be better! Feeling grateful for ... this path, onwards and upwards! Alison L., UK

>Note - the Energy Egg base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

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Sexual Healing Energy Egg Set

  • Each Set Includes...

    The Sexual Healing Energy Egg set includes...

    • A Sexual Healing Energy Egg
    • An Energy Egg Transmitter
    • A Shendor EE-Base
    • A full set of instructions for attunement and stress neutralisation. you have everything you need to support your your energy body to destabilize and eliminate foreign energies received through sex and free up bound energies!

    Since each form of stress accumulates in your energy body at a certain depth, an effective stress-elimination technology must be able to reach each form of stress at the depth where it’s present.

    All Energy Eggs now include the Shendor ee-Base because it causes the Energy Egg stress-elimination effect to reach areas of your energy body that other technologies or techniques can't reach. Also, when your Energy Egg is standing on its Shendor ee-base, its protective influence extends to you no matter where you are.

    Unless you are unusually energy-aware, most of time you won’t notice your Energy Egg doing its job. But you will notice, as time passes, changes for the better.

    change your energy to change your life

  • FAQ

    Q. What is the Sexual Healing Energy Egg made from?

    A. The Sexual Healing Energy Egg is made from semi-precious Labradorite and hand-crafted to our exact specification, then charged with unique forms of ki-energy that give it its unrivaled life-energy protection and stress-elimination properties.

    Please note: these materials are containers for the Energy Egg seals, and may change at any time.

    Q. Is there any guidance on placement of the bases?

    A. Yes, we recommend that you place the Shendor ee-base on a flat wooden surface. However, the ee-Bases aren't vulnerable to distance anymore. Ours are within 1cm of each other and they aren't affected by tall objects next to them.

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