Chronic Shock Energy Egg Set

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Chronic Shock Energy Egg Set

The Chronic Shock Energy Egg works to eliminate disabling stresses acquired from abusive relationships. This allows you to release long-held emotional distress that you may or may not be very conscious of.

More adults than not, carry accumulated stress from an abusive parent, sibling, boss, colleague or partner, past or present. That stress - whether it's experienced as anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, suspicion, fear, 'haloing' (making someone else 'perfect') or any other barrier to real connection - displaces some of your own life energy.

The more stress we carry inside us, the less we know who we really are. And the more we are prevented from realizing our innate potential.

For the past few months, I've been rubbing the Chronic Shock Energy Egg whenever I experience stress of any kind, or while watching TV, and most certainly when communicating with anyone. If I'm on the phone talking to someone, whether stressed or not, I rub the CSEgg. It's amazing what's come up!" Kim P, USA

If you . . .

  • Suffer from shyness, nervousness or fear when around other people    
  • Find yourself responding in an aggressive or judgmental way to others
  • Have difficulty communicating what you want or need    
  • Carry negative thoughts or feelings from a past or current relationship, that never seem to go away . . . 

.. . You are suffering some of the more visible effects of chronic shock. The presence of this stress in your energy body limits your ability to feel happy. And it obstructs the quality of every meaningful, current or future relationship.

The Chronic Shock Energy Egg . . .

  • Gently eliminates abusive relationship stress   
  • Reduces your vulnerability to other people's energies and negativity 
  • Helps you manage difficult relationships more effectively
  • Transforms stress from past abuse into higher-energy relationships
  • Restores and strengthens your happiness ki: the energy stored in your thymus chakra in your upper chest. The more happiness ki you hold, the higher your basal or day-to-day happiness.

When your energy body is invaded by any form of stress, it automatically tries to eliminate it. Unfortunately, some forms of stress are harder to eliminate than others. And you will also be personally vulnerable to some forms of stress more than others.

Since each form of stress accumulates in your energy body at a certain depth, an effective stress-elimination technology must be able to reach each form of stress at the depth where it’s present.

I had another chance to sort things out with a bully in my life, and it all worked out beautifully ... there may be something to the Chronic Shock Egg!" Kim S., USA

All Energy Eggs now include the Shendor ee-Base because it causes the Energy Egg stress-elimination effect to reach areas of your energy body that other technologies or techniques can't reach. Also, when your Energy Egg is standing on its Shendor ee-base, its protective influence extends to you no matter where you are.

Note - the Energy Egg base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

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Chronic Shock Energy Egg Set

  • Each Set Includes...

    The Chronic Shock Energy Egg set includes...

    • A Chronic Shock Energy Egg
    • An Energy Egg Transmitter
    • A Shendor EE-Base
    • A full set of instructions for attunement and stress neutralisation. you have everything you need to eliminate abusive relationship stress and strengthen your happiness ki!

    Unless you are unusually energy-aware, most of time you won’t notice your Energy Egg doing its job. But you will notice, as time passes, changes for the better. The primary function of the Chronic Shock Energy Egg is to neutralise or eliminate foreign energies received through abusive relationships. The stress of abuse primarily targets the thymus or ‘happiness’ chakra.

    The quantity of energy held by the thymus chakra determines a person’s basal happiness - how happy we are on average. The more this chakra’s energy is obstructed by foreign energies, the more you’ll tend to experience hypersensitivity to others’ words or behaviour, or other challenges in relationships. Also a recurring tendency to lower mood, difficulties in work environments or weakened immunity to infections or other health challenges.

    Once you have activated your Chronic Shock Energy Egg, your vulnerabilities to relationships will gradually reduce over time, your capacity for happiness will gradually increase and reactions - even, say, health symptoms after eating certain foods - will lessen.

    Sometimes, you may have to deliberately tune your Chronic Shock Energy Egg to a particular source of stress. Or you may find that some changes for the better - e.g. reduced fatigue, depression, anxiety, conflict, confusion or other such symptoms - occur gradually over time.

    "I have so far tuned my Chronic Shock Egg into some family members and past relationships. I've been having various memories surface from the past .... stuff I thought I'd dealt with by various counselling or therapy modalities over the years. Some are memories I thought were quite small traumas in comparison to others, BUT up they have come ... the Chronic Shock Energy Egg effects are absolutely amazing!" Hilary B., UK

    A secondary function of the Chronic Shock Energy Egg - opening to higher-quality relationships - is a module in the Way of Life training for members of the Shendo online community. Let us know if you are interested in joining the Shendo - places are limited - and we’ll get back to you as soon as a space becomes available.

  • FAQ

    Q. What is the Chronic Shock Egg made from?

    A. The Chronic Shock Energy Egg is made from semi-precious charoite and hand-crafted to our exact specification, then charged with unique forms of ki-energy that give it its unrivaled life-energy protection and stress-elimination properties.

    Please note: these materials are containers for the Energy Egg seals, and may change at any time.

    Q. Is there any guidance on placement of the bases?

    A. Yes, we recommend that you place the Shendor ee-base on a flat wooden surface. However, the ee-Bases aren't vulnerable to distance anymore. Ours are within 1cm of each other and they aren't affected by tall objects next to them.

Product reviews

4 reviews

Tom B., Norway

I have had a wonderful day. I was sick when I woke up today for some reason – I was dizzy and had a hard time standing up. Once I had the Happiness [Chronic Shock] Egg in my hand it stopped and I have felt just great ever since. I am so optimistic about this Energy Egg!

I.W., New Zealand

I'm really noticing the effects of the Happiness [Chronic Shock] Egg already! I feel more able to challenge difficult thoughts and maintain my focus on my task AND having loads of insights and feeling much more grounded. Also my ability to find my centre when in situations I'd usually have felt got at or bullied is radically different.

Jenevieve T, UK

The Chronic Shock Energy Egg is definitely making a difference ... I'm very impressed with just how much it's helping. Thank you!

Gary M., USA

I hoped that with the Chronic Shock Egg I would find another miracle like I did with the Energy Angel - and I did! It stopped the stress in its tracks! ... I could feel how sore that chest area was once it all stopped and I could ... feel energy returning to the rest of my body.