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Made from semi-precious snowflake obsidian and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Security/Respect Energy Egg cultivates your security/respect ki. This is the life energy that determines how other people tend to regard or treat you.

  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Or feel you aren't respected?  
  • Want to advance your career or become more well-known? 
  • Need to feel safer or less anxious?

Security/respect ki is the life energy recognized within traditional feng shui, as underlying a person's ‘fame’ or ‘career.’ But even though a lot of security/respect ki in certain areas of your energy body will generate considerable fame or a very successful career, these are only two of its many possible effects.

A Security/Respect Energy Egg is an ideal gift for anyone who feels unsure of themselves, wants better friends or work colleagues, or who is simply ready for adventure or to see more of the world - including some of the more 'challenging' places. The more security/respect ki you hold in your hara or 'inner strength' chakra just beneath your navel, the more effectively you will find yourself managing conflict situations at work, home or in other environments.

changing your energy changes your life

Note - the Energy Egg base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

Customer reviews

Paulo V., USA

The Security/Respect Energy Egg helped me sort out very deep negative emotions, and create a new positive feeling in performances. This is huge for me!

(name withheld)

Upon receiving the Star (Security/Repsect) Energy Egg . . . I played incredibly well. Since the childhood trauma of my piano teacher, I have approached the piano with great fear. Playing has been up to now a monumental struggle. It is a miracle that I should be working at the top of this profession. But today, I felt free of that constant paralyzing fear and played the whole opera with great calm . . . The maestro said that my playing was “magnifico”, that it was a pleasure to work with me.

Tristan T., UK

Fantastic Star Energy Egg by the way! Its great, and really obvious in its ways - which are supremely welcome . . . My fave by a long shot!

Sonja R., UK

I've used your Energy Egg (s) since 2006 and they have helped me enormously ... I've been doing really well in recovery since getting your help.

Neil M., UK

The Security & respect energy egg has seen my security/respect from the people I live with grow enormously, it is greatly comforting.

Emma M., UK

I absolutely adore these eggs, they are beautiful guides. I love the way they are opening up my world. Thankyou.

Lidia W., Poland

The S/R Egg is totally amazing ! I had to meet my mum + some other people, and didn’t feel any form of physical discomfort/pain because of energies of other people - it is such a radical change in experiencing! I am so grateful for this.

Mel R., UK

Thanks for sending the info for the egg I bought at the last training. It is doing exactly what I'd hoped ... helping with the releasing of residual contractions around 'old' physical injuries (and the corresponding contractions on other levels).

Kim P., USA

I had this painful knot on my foot and limped whenever I walked. The S/R energy egg in my palm while testing led me to an essence that relieved it. Now I'm not limping.

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