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Because I am very sensitive in seeing & feeling energies I was amazed to experience the power of the Energy Egg

Dick DR., France

Within two days of getting my Energy Egg, I could feel things lifting off and away from me and my energy growing lighter and lighter.

Hulda M., Iceland

Large Shendor Angel
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Large Shendor Angel
The Large Shendor Angel fortune space covers the average 2 to 3-bedroom home. It can be connected with all your Energy Eggs. 
 A mini-course on the many applications of the Shendor Touchwood and Angels follows the Shendor Instructions included with your Large Shendor Angel
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The Large Shendor Angel fortune space covers the average 2 to 3-bedroom home. It can be connected with all your Energy Eggs. 
 A mini-course on the many applications of the Shendor Touchwood and Angels follows the Shendor Instructions included with your Large Shendor Angel
The Shendor is artisan-made from two different woods. Each wood is formed to a precise shape that works optimally for:
  • Grounding out ‘bad luck’ – i.e. preventing misfortunes from manifesting
  • Opening your energy to be able to hold more ‘good luck’ (fortune ki)
  • Transmitting the Shendor's fortune energy through space (e.g. your home or office)
  • Increasing and strengthening the effects of all Energy Eggs and Energy Angels that you may already have
  • Awakening new awareness of right action - actions that lead to higher-quality wisdom, happiness, inner strength, success and higher awareness (the five fortune ki)
"[Since receiving my Shendor Touchwood... these are the best nights I've had in years - something that Melatonin, 5-HTP or CBD oil, couldn't accomplish!" Philip S., USA
The Shendor Angel
The Large Shendor Angel is the second most-powerful of the Shendor Angel family. The Angels, in addition to enhancing their owner’s fortune ki, also:
  • Transmit to anyone within their range – the various sizes of Shendor Angels generate a fortune ki space of between 1 and 32 metres diameter, (depending on windows, walls, etc. within that space), in all directions
  • Restore ki (life energy) to your crown (your ‘life energy battery’) from your well (the chakra beneath your feet, where previously-used life energy is held)
  • Eliminate life-damaging stresses from your energy body - if it is connected to one or more Energy Eggs. The Shendor’s connections with Energy Eggs determine which foreign energies are being removed. For example, the
    • Guardian Energy Egg - for eliminating harmful environmental stresses
    • Star Energy Egg - for eliminating security/respect stresses
    • Higher Purpose Energy Egg(1) - for eliminating stresses acquired through energy-weakening or stressful work or other activities
    • Sacred Sex Energy Egg(1) - for eliminating foreign energies or stresses received from past or current sexual partners
Even better, when a Shendor Angel is connected to one or more Energy Eggs, it replaces the previous-generation Energy Angels. It is more powerful and only one Shendor Angel is needed to distribute the energies of all the Energy Eggs connected to it. So it essentially turns each Energy Egg you have into an Energy Angel. 
Shendor Amplification of the Guardian Energy Egg
For example, a few of the effects of the Shendor Angels, when connected to a Guardian Energy Egg, include the neutralisation of:
  • EMF contact-stress from touch screens, touch-pads, etc.;
  • People stress – from crowds, individuals with highly-invasive energy, or stresses released through massage, osteopathy, bodywork, counselling or other means of relieving clients of health or relationship-damaging stresses 
  • Crystal stress – many people are negatively affected by jewellery or crystals, (including individuals who passionately believe they are only doing them good)
  • Weakening sky stress – everyone's life is influenced by where they are. The 'wrong' place will cause a stream of misfortunes – and struggles - to appear in your life, (no matter how much you may enjoy being there)
  • Hypersensitivities to some foods – gradual recovered tolerance of foods to which you were previously intolerant is a normal consequence of the Shendor stress-elimination process
"The Shendor helps with food sensitivities. I've been able to eat bacon without reacting for the first time in many years!" Kim P., USA
The Shendor stress-elimination process is also a method of gradually reducing vulnerabilities to a wide range of environmental and other stresses as your energy body becomes increasingly sealed.  
"I am pleased to report that I was comfortable with the throng of workers leaving their offices at 5:00 PM, the deafening construction noise, the jammed traffic, the sirens and the rain. Indeed, carrying my Shendor Touchwood . . . seems to have given me protection from the stress and the crowd. I will continue doing this. Thanks a million!" Peter V., USA
What Size Do I Need?
One criterion is the range of the Shendor's fortune ki space energy field. The other is that, no matter the size of your home, the larger the Shendor, the stronger the fortune space it generates. So even for a smaller residence, the larger sizes generate a more powerful fortune space.
The approximate diameter of the fortune space generated by each size of Shendor(2) is
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Large Shendor Angel