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After 2 months: sleeping, waking up - biggest miracle on earth, slept nine hours, feel great right now; constipation has vanished; hot flushes have stopped; periods have become completely regular; lost 1.5 stones!; far fewer asthma symptoms; nails stopped splitting. Thank you so very very much!

Julia N., UK

the Energy Egg for jet lag seems to have worked really well. I am getting into bed for the third night now, normal times, waking up normal mornings. So very happy with this result"

Tristan SR, UK

Life Energy Solutions

Here you'll find the products that we use and recommend to our clients in our Life Energy Solutions Clinic. We only include products that are consistently beneficial for most people's energy.

We have seen a great number of products for which this claim is commonly made - including devices meant to protect your energy, ubiquinol (a form of Co-Q10), krill oil, earthing technology, anti-EMF clothing and much more besides. Unfortunately, the average person's energy often doesn't agree with these all-too-common claims . . .

However, please bear in mind that 'beneficial for most people's energy' isn't the same as 'beneficial for all people's energy.' So if you would like to know how you personally are likely to respond to any particular product we recommend here, we'd be happy you see you in the Life Energy Solutions Clinic, where we can give you a highly- accurate and personalised set of recommendations for addressing your health issues and concerns as well as a report on how you are actually responding to any current supplements, herbs, remedies etc. you are taking . . .

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