Living With Energy Awareness Training

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Living With Energy Awareness Training

Dates for 2023 tbc, Seaford UK

We all sometimes experience challenges we find hard to resolve . . . 

  • Allergies (or 'hypersensitivities') to foods, airborne allergens, environmental stresses (e.g. mobile phones or wifi), other people's energies, sounds, lights, etc.
  • Health problems - fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, digestive disorders, insomnia ...
  • Relationship challenges - personal or professional
  • Confusion or indecision - not knowing what to do or what is best for you or others
  • Fatigue - feeling run down, brain fog, just too tired to function, poor concentration ...
  • Lack of abundance - difficulty making ends meet, not being able to afford things you need
  • Anxiety or Depression - feeling insecure, concerned about what might happen, dwelling on past events, not seeing much point in anything

Whenever you experience any kind of stress, disturbance or problem, you are experiencing the result of a lack of energy of one or other kinds. Your energy body is constantly reflecting to you what is going on with your energy. But if you lack the awareness to see what your energy body is showing you, your problem(s) will persist.

The human condition is such that we often lack the energy awareness to recognise what we are being shown. If we had sufficient awareness of the necessary kind(s), we'd be able to see how to resolve problems as they appear in our life.

We have been teaching the simple yet extraordinarily powerful Shendoenergy awareness development process since 1983. The practices taught in Living with Energy Awareness go far beyond all the usual energy testing techniques and lead to your own direct perception of human and environmental energies without depending on vague or intuitive interpretations of your experiences.

To find out more information and to book the training please get in touch with us

Note. This is currently the only gateway training to the Shendo and the online Way of Life training. As yet, there are no other qualified trainers for this or any other shendo training.

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Living With Energy Awareness Training

    Product reviews

    3 reviews

    Nikki W. (in Wave magazine) UK

    . . . it’s an empowering training where everyone in the room was able to . . . experience some part of their energy body . . . by the end of the weekend. To be able to tangibly experience this, in such a short space of time, in my opinion is THE most empowering part - of being able to leave the training knowing that if the practices are continued magic will happen. As energies change lives change.

    Pierre V., USA

    I am hugely grateful for the incredible ways you have devised for us to grow. It’s truly effective and not some New Age feel-good thing.

    Karen vE, NZ

    You have no idea how different I feel today, versus every day for the last six years… it has made a huge difference.