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I just received my new Energy Egg. Wow! It's so strong, I can really feel it. How do you do it?"

John W., Norway

I'm such a different person since I've had my Energy Egg

Clare C., UK

Loving Relationships Egg
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Loving Relationships Egg

If you wish to attract or cultivate more loving relationships, this is the Energy Egg for you. The Loving Relationships Energy Egg is the perfect combination of ancient power with future science for attracting and maintaining the relationships you wish for.

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The Loving Relationships Energy Egg

cultivate your partnership qi for more loving relationships


  • Feel like your relationships drain your energy?  
  • Wishing you knew people on a similar wavelength?   
  • Wanting that special someone to share your life with?
  • Needing to improve a current relationship?


Who we meet; how well we get along; how it works out over time - none of it happens by chance. All of our choices and opportunities are influenced by our energy. And, in the case of our relationships, this energy is our partnership qi. The state of your relationships, for better or for worse, reflects the state of your partnership qi in each area of your body.

The good news is that you can consciously cultivate your partnership qi for bringing higher quality relationships into your life. And the Loving Relationships Energy Egg is a powerful means of achieving this.


"Something amazing happened yesterday a few hours after the Energy Eggs arrived here . . . one of my daughters, who cut off contact with me several years ago, sent an email inviting me to visit her and meet my granddaughter! As a result of this, another daughter has asked me to order her a Loving Relationships Energy Egg with a Transmitter" Mary C., UK


The more you cultivate your partnership qi, the more it:


  • Refines the quality of your relationships
  • Generates opportunities for new, higher energy relationships
  • Reduces the weakening effects of harmful relationships
  • Opens your heart to a heart relationship - one that supports your spiritual development


The Loving Relationships Energy Egg provides you with the extra energy you need to gradually improve the quality of your relationships. If your partnership qi doesn't change, you will maintain or keep re-creating the same quality of relationships you already have. So if you dream of a happier, more successful, higher energy future, you need to start cultivating your partnership qi now.


"I bought a Loving Relationship Energy Egg which I think may have been the reason that a couple of weeks after being sick I received an email 'out of the blue' from a lad I had been in love with in my teens. . ." Sarah H, UK


change your energy to change your life!


Loving Relationship Energy Eggs - Perfect Gifts for Partners, Spouses or Your Newly-Single Best Friend!

A Loving Relationships Energy Egg is the perfect gift idea for the one you love. It's also great for those who have yet to find their perfect partner.

Buying a Loving Relationships Energy Egg for a friend is a great way to show that you care about their future happiness. And to help them build relationships that work.

Your Loving Relationships Energy Egg comes with a comprehensive manual that explains how to use your Energy Egg. The manual also details ways you can enhance your Energy Egg's qi energy-cultivating effects.

The Loving Relationships Energy Egg includes our unique


12 month money-back guarantee!1


You have nothing to lose but your stress

Try it - you'll like it!


1 Please refer to "Shipping and Returns" for further details.

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Loving Relationships Egg