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I have bought the Energy Egg, Within one hour of having it in my pocket I felt amazingly relaxed, a super calm feeling. It's now my second week with the EnergyEgg and these feelings remain with me. I've not been keen with Q-link, and many other emf products, because i always come across some information which shows negative feedback. I highly recommend anyone to try the Energy Egg"

I have to tell you what happened to me this morning. I went Christmas shopping, the first time I've been able to do that since moving to this house by the way! I went into a garden centre and suddenly I couldn't breathe, my throat was closing up, it was like someone was tightening a rope around my neck, my stomach was blowing up, it was awful. So, I put my hand in my pocket and got out my Energy Egg . . . and within just 2 minutes I felt it all passing over me and I came completely back to normal, my throat relaxed, it all just faded away. It was just incredible, absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the Energy Egg.

Margaret T, Wales

The Omega Pendulum

"Not Just A Pendulum!"

The Omega Pendulum is the latest upgrade of the Perfect Pendulum, which was already the 'best in class' of all pendulums.

This 'Rolls-Royce' of pendulums comes with a complete energy-testing course - including unique, awareness-activating, empowerment methods never before made available to the public - and ongoing support on the Life Energy Awareness Forum.

Available in gold, silver or copper finishes, the Omega Pendulum is the most powerful, accurate and reliable pendulum you will find on the market today.

"Just feeling completely amazed, awed, by the power of the Omega Pendulum - I have had mine in my possession for about 12 hours (most of that has been next to my bed whilst asleep) and I just feel AMAZING! My 7th Chakra is glowing with a brilliant light, I feel a bit like a beacon! My awareness is just so much clearer. I feel so peaceful, poised and ready for the world." Alison L., UK

Just like the Perfect Pendulum before it, (and unlike any other pendulum), the Omega Pendulum:

  • Doesn’t harm your energy body by consuming energy from one or more areas in order to stimulate your 6th chakra (frontal lobes of the brain) - which is the case with all other shapes of pendulum
  • Doesn’t damage your energy with its own self-generated stresses or stresses received through testing people, substances, devices or other potential sources of environmental stress 
  • Doesn't require any thinking to show you what you need to do - it directly reflects what is going on in your energy body (no thought required)
  • Attunes your awareness to your entire energy field rather than automatically biasing your awareness in favor of one or more specific areas of the energy body - again a property of any other shape of pendulum
  • Makes itself redundant over time - the more you fulfil your energy-ascending needs, the more you develop your innate body energy awareness first, then your environmental energy awareness and spirit energy awareness

“Once I carried the Omega Pendulum right over my heart chakra and felt a huge shift in my energy, a lightening, or unblocking, or maybe just increased awareness. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it was very good. It feels like the Omega Pendulum is playing a big part in my journey back to well-being!" S.D., UK

Because of the strength of its energy field, the Omega Pendulum continues to cultivate your energy awareness even when it's just in your pocket or otherwise next to you. This is why even shendo (energy awareness) practitioners who no longer need to use physical tests often prefer to carry the Omega Pendulum with them. It fills in the gaps in your awareness, which are reflected by any area of your life where you continue experiencing ongoing problems or obstructions.

"The Omega Pendulum is amazing! - even just having it in your pocket brings more clarity and more ability to say and do the right, (energy ascending) things" Virgina D., UK 

Omega Pendulum (Silver)
Omega Pendulum (Silver)

Not Just a Pendulum!

This 'Rolls-Royce' of pendulums comes with a complete energy-testing course - including unique, awareness-activating, empowerment methods never before made available to the public - and ongoing support on the Life Energy Awareness Forum.

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