Shendor® Seraph

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Shendor® Seraph

The Shendor Seraph is our latest and most powerful Shendor Angel fortune ki generator - with a 400mm length as compared with the Touchwood's 50mm. 

These limited edition* pieces, the largest of the Shendor Angels, are collectors' items - they will increase in value year by year. In fact, we have already been advised that due to the scarcity of large pieces of sustainable, high-quality olive wood, the cost of the Shendor Seraph will soon rise (2023). The Shendor Seraph is a made to order piece so get in touch with us using the contact form to place an order.

This year, we can only produce seven or eight limited-edition, numbered, Shendor Seraphs. Please be advised that the wait -time for these uniquely effective and extraordinarily beautiful Fortune Generators and Stress Eliminators is between 8 and 12 weeks. So if you wish to receive one by Christmas, do let Alison know as soon as possible.The Seraph is suitable for a large property or for anywhere where there is a lot of environmental stress. For example, we often stay in an older property with considerable environmental stress being generated by fixed features including ...

  • lots of beams
  • a stress-generating floor pattern
  • architectural features
  • being at the bottom of a slope
  • a straight path that attacks the front door

... and much more besides. Fortunately, the Seraph noticeably, fully-neutralises the stresses from these and many other sources of environmental stress even more effectively than a Shendor Archangel.

"I really felt the difference the Seraph made to the quality of my sleep" 

[comment by a friend after we upgraded from a Shendor Archangel]

Ongoing exposure to fixed sources of environmental stress - weakening sky, geopathic stress or architectural or other features that either cannot be changed or not without considerable expense - can wreak havoc on vulnerable individuals' physical or psychological health, relationships, work, happiness, success or other areas of their life or fortune.

Unfortunately, because environmental stresses are largely 'below the radar' for most people, the detrimental effects of their gradual accumulation only manifest long after someone moves into their current home or starts at a new workplace. Consequently, people's minds rarely recognise any association between the challenges they are experiencing now and the place where they've been living or working for years without any obvious problem.

The Shendor Seraph - connected with a Guardian Energy Egg (or other Energy Eggs for novel stresses) - is not only the most powerful Environmental Stress Eliminator ever created but also a powerful source of shen** for sealing your energy body against harmful energies from the environment, other people, common respiratory allergens, foods, etc..

Vulnerability to foreign energies reflects a pre-existing lesion in the energy body. In other words, you only experience a reaction to something (that, for others, is innocuous) because your energy is already  damaged in some way. The more the lesions in your energy body are repaired - i.e. sealed - the less you will find yourself negatively affected, physically,  psychologically or energetically, by foreign energies.

The Shendor Seraph represents an opportunity of a lifetime to take a major step towards greater wellness in every area of your life through ...

  • Automatically neutralising thousands of common environmental stresses
  • Neutralising environmental stresses to which you have an unusual degree of personal vulnerability
  • Generating an abundance of fortune ki - the forms of wisdom, happiness, inner strength, success and higher awareness that you most need for your particular karmas
  • Attracting new opportunities for higher-energy fortunes

Everyone has varying degrees of vulnerability to different kinds of stress. For example ...

  • Geopathic stress
  • Electromagnetic stress
  • Stress from other people
  • Money worries
  • Stress from traumatic experiences
  • Stress from illness

... and so on. Different forms of vulnerability require different kinds or strengths of shen. The larger the Shendor Angel, the stronger its shen and the more forms of shen it can hold in sufficient quantities for the stresses you experience in your life..

For example, when an energy-cultivating movement or 'weave' called Opening The Sky Well,  is performed inside the Shendor Seraph's fortune space [energy field], the Seraph builds up a form of shen  that transforms abundance stress ['money worries'] into new forms of creativity ki. The smaller Shendor Angels also do this to a certain extent, but much less so than the Seraph. So for all stresses, it's always a question of how much of a certain fortune ki you need in order to transform an ongoing stress effectively.

*The Seraph's are limited edition because finding pieces of sustainable wood with fine grain of the size needed to produce a Seraph (without gluing pieces together) is very difficult.

**Shen is the energy found at 'power places', 'spirit places,' healing or pilgrimage sites or anywhere traditionally associated with positive changes in people's lives or consciousness. It is also present at the root of the heart chakra.

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Shendor® Seraph

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