Good Luck Energy

Everything that happens in your life - including 'good luck' or 'bad luck' - reflects some of your energy. The unique Shendor® reduces the energies underlying all forms of misfortune. And transforms them into future fortunes.

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Shendor® Travel Angel

The Shendor® Travel Angel is the smallest of the permanent Shendor Angel family. The Travel Angel's fortune space covers the average bedroom. It can b...
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Small Shendor® Angel

The Small Shendor® Angel's fortune space covers the average 1 to 2-bedroom home. It can be connected with all your Energy Eggs or previous-generation ...
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Large Shendor® Angel

The Large Shendor® Angel is our second-most-powerful standard-size Shendor. Its fortune space covers the average 2 to 4-bedroom home. It can be connec...
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Shendor® Archangel

The Shendor® Archangel is our most-powerful standard-size Shendor with a volume 216 times that of the Shendor Touchwood. Its fortune space covers the ...
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Shendor® Seraph

The Shendor Seraph is our latest and most powerful Shendor Angel fortune ki generator - with a 400mm length as compared with the Touchwood's 50mm. The...
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