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I wanted to let you know I have been sleeping much better, as other people report, since getting the Energy Egg."

I’d like to buy another Energy Egg. (My darling husband has seen the effect of the Eegg on me and wants some of what I’ve got…!

Karen VE, N Z

Star Angel
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Star Angel

Made from semi-precious 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Angel cultivates your security/respect qi.

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The Star Angel

cultivate your security/respect qi for 'fame' and 'fortune'


  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Or feel you aren't respected?  
  • Want to advance your career or become more well-known? 
  • Need to feel safer or less anxious?
  • Wish you could develop your creativity in more fulfilling or rewarding directions?

Many people feel blocked in some ways but don't know how to make things better. Life can seem like a struggle - one that may not seem to be getting you far . . .

Because we are mostly aware of the physical world we tend to seek physical solutions to the challenges we experience. But such an approach often fails - so things don't change much - because the obstructions we experience in our lives start within our own energy. This is why we say


change your energy to change your life!

The more effectively you change your energy the more your life changes for the better too - the one naturally follows the other. Even though, for a mind committed to physical explanations, this can be hard to follow, we have seen thousands of people's lives change for the better because they decided to cultivate their energy rather than just looking for yet another physical solution.


"Since getting the Star Angel . . . a job interview (went well), less anxiety and sweating at night, no more mild headaches, more inner calm. All this within 3 days of receiving my Star Angel!"  Delphine L, France


Human life energy is often referred to as 'qi' - also 'ki' or 'chi.' It is the subject of arts such as reiki, tai chi, aikido and qi gong. Although there are many different forms of qi, the one we are concerned with here is called security/respect qi. This is because the quantities of this form of qi in each area of your body determine how other people regard or treat you. 

This doesn't mean it's all about your energy, and your behaviour and choices have nothing to do with it. It means your behaviour and choices are, themselves, determined by your energy. The more security/respect qi you have the more your behaviour and choices will be resonant with your needs and so will lead to positive results.

By cultivating your security/respect qi you become more aware of the actions that will change you and your life for the better - the quality of your life follows the quantity and quality of your energy. 


"My relationship with one of my housemates has become strained since we moved in together. I received the Star Angel on Wednesday and now we are easily communicating again. The resentment and general negativity has gone. And the previous feelings of jealousy are no longer there!" A.S., UK


Why Do I Need A Star Angel?

Made from semi-precious 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Angel cultivates your security/respect qi. This is the life energy recognized, within traditional feng shui, as underlying a person's ‘fame’ or ‘career.’

But even though a lot of security/respect qi in certain areas of your energy body will generate considerable fame or a very successful career, these are only two of its many possible effects.

The more you cultivate your security/respect qi, the more it:


  • Improves how you are regarded or treated by others
  • Increases your awareness of how you need to act to be respected more
  • Attracts people or situations who/that can help you feel or become more secure
  • Helps manifest new friends or clients
  • Eliminates stressful entities from the environment
  • Increases your robustness or resilience in threatening or stressful circumstances

The Star Angel also amplifies the power of your personal Star Energy Egg. The stronger your security/respect qi, the more energy you have available to change yourself and your life in ways that manifest more security and respect in your life.


"I got the Star Angel. It is magnificent! I can testify to its immense capacity to inform, heal and 'adjust' to me.  It has improved my sleeping, my socializing, and even the way my body feels whilst walking down the street. . . . It makes my life [feel] so much greater!" Tristan T., UK


The Star Angel - A Great Gift Idea for Family & Friends

A Star Angel is an ideal gift for anyone who feels unsure of themself, wants better friends or work colleagues, or who wishes to develop their career or essential creativity - creativity that transforms karmic obstructions into more wisdom, inner strength, happiness and success.

Your Star Angel comes with a manual that explains how to use your Angel. It also details practices and exercises to enhance your Star Angel's qi energy-cultivating effects.


Note: the Star Angel neutralizes environmental stresses damaging your security/respect qi. For stresses damaging your:



Note: all Energy Angels and Archangels are covered by our unique


12 month money-back guarantee1


You have nothing to lose but your stress

Try it - you'll like it!


1  Please refer to "Shipping and Returns" for further details.

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