Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter
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“When we bought our new car, I immediately started feeling very car sick. After blowing on my Energy Egg as you described, the nausea disappeared within 5 minutes!”

Mark W., UK

I feel amazingly clear and lucid after nearly 2 months. I feel fantastic

Pauline F., N.Z.

Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter
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Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter

Made from rare, semi-precious, 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Energy Egg cultivates your security/respect qi.

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The Star Energy Egg

for cultivating your security/respect qi 


  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Or feel you aren't respected?  
  • Want to advance your career or become more well-known? 
  • Need to feel safer or less anxious?


Made from semi-precious 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Energy Egg cultivates your security/respect qi. This is the life energy that determines how other people tend to regard or treat you.

Security/respect qi is the life energy recognized, within traditional feng shui, as underlying a person's ‘fame’ or ‘career.’ But, even though a lot of security/respect qi in certain areas of your energy body will generate considerable fame or a very successful career, these are only two of its many possible effects.

The more you cultivate your security/respect qi, the more it:


  • Improves how you are regarded or treated by others
  • Increases your awareness of how you need to act to be respected more
  • Attracts people or situations who/that can help you feel or become more secure
  • Helps manifest new friends or clients
  • Increases your robustness or resilience in threatening or stressful circumstances


"The Star Energy Egg helped me sort out very deep negative emotions, and create a new positive feeling in performances. This is huge for me!" Paulo V., USA


Why Do I Need A Star Energy Egg?

Everyone's body holds different quantities of security/respect qi in different areas. So, for example, you might have friends who treat you well - because you have plenty of security/respect qi in your chest - but your boss (or even a mugger!) might not treat you so well - because you lack security/respect qi in areas of your abdomen (3rd chakra).

You can never have too much security/respect qi in each area of your body - and that's why you need the Star Energy Egg.

Of course, as for any form of life energy, your (i) choices and (ii) karmic circumstances (e.g. living in a dangerous neighbourhood) are powerful influences. But increasingly, as time passes, your available security/respect qi is the bottom line insofar as your ability to (i) make different choices or (ii) change your circumstances are concerned. 

The stronger your security/respect qi, the more energy you have available to change yourself and your life in ways that manifest more security and respect in your life.


change your energy to change your life!


Star Energy Eggs - Great Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

A Star Energy Egg is an ideal gift for anyone who feels unsure of themself, wants better friends or work colleagues, or who is simply ready for adventure or to see more of the world - including some of the more 'challenging' places.

Your Star Energy Egg comes with a comprehensive information leaflet that explains how to use an Energy Egg and Energy Egg Transmitter, which is included in the box. It also details practices and exercises to enhance your Energy Egg's qi energy-cultivating effects.

The Star Energy Egg also includes our unique


12 month money-back guarantee.1


You have nothing to lose but your stress

Try it - you'll like it!


1  Please refer to "Shipping and Returns" for further details.

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Star Energy Egg with Energy Egg Transmitter