The Energy Of Good Luck

"When we hope life will go well for someone, we say, "Good luck!" We hope it will all work out for them. And of course, sometimes it does. But other times, not so much ...

'Good luck' really means good fortune - which is a form of life energy referred to as the 'fortune ki (plural).' The more of each fortune ki you have flowing through you, the more you experience 'good luck.' But if a form of fortune ki is obstructed in some area of your body, you become vulnerable to 'bad luck' instead.

One evening, I said to Lynda, “This computer has never had a problem in all  the time I’ve  had it [for over three years].” The next morning, the computer wouldn’t start and, shortly after, had to be replaced.

One of the fortune ki is called, success ki. It's the energy in you that determines how much and how often things go right - they work out the way you hope they will. But my words attracted an energy that blocked my success ki in my upper abdomen. When a certain fortune ki is blocked we experience its opposite effect. So in the case of my computer, it failed to work.

This experience, plus many others mentioned to us by friends and clients, resulted in our following the energy of why, when we say something positive, it can sometimes trigger 'bad luck.' This research led to several ways of neutralizing reactive bad luck (misfortunes) and increasing good luck (fortune ki) instead.

One of these ways was the Shendor family of fortune ki generators ranging from the personal Shendor Touchwood  to the more powerful Shendor Angels and Archangels.

"The Shendor has increased our financial wealth in a big way. We got a surprise check in the mail that enabled us to pay off the truck . . . We also have enough money to fix up the rental property which we didn't have before. We had both been practising the Gathering Fortunes method with our Shendor Touchwoods."  Rosa M.,USA


The Path To Success

The Shendor resulted from a 12 year-long investigation into why cultures all over the world have developed the tradition of ‘touching wood’ or ‘knocking on wood’ in order to prevent bad luck or to deflect ‘evil spirits.’ 

In fact, before we arrived at the ultimate fortune generator, we went through several dozen prototypes. Here’s some of the most recent ones. 

We found that the effectiveness of a bad luck-neutralization device is affected by ...

  • Its material(s) – all woods are different in effect. And not just woods– e.g. there are ‘touchstones’ too, (not to mention four-leafed clovers,  magical amulets and rabbits' feet!)

  • The shape - every shape has its own effects, some of them relatively unlucky

  • The shen (‘spirit’ energy) that it holds - an object's energy can be affected by who makes it, where it's made, how it's made and when it's made. It can also act as a container for natural forms of fortune-generating ki found in sunlight, moonlight and starlight.

The final result of this long period of research – the Shendor – is artisan-made from two different woodsboth from sustainable sourcesEach wood is formed to a precise shape that, once charged by a Light Resonator, works optimally for ... 

  • Eliminating bad luck – i.e. preventing misfortunes from manifesting

  • Opening your energy field to be more receptive to ‘good luck’ - i.e. the fortune ki you need more of

  • Transmitting the Shendor's fortune energy through space (e.g. throughout your home, office or clinic)

  • Expanding and strengthening the effects of all Energy Eggs 

  • Awakening new awareness of right action - actions that lead to higher-quality Wisdom, Happiness, Inner Strength, Success and HigherAwareness, (i.e. the fortune ki)

As it turned out, one form of ‘good luck’ we experienced was to find someone who could actually make the Shendor! After almost 30 wood artisans from over 10 countries said it couldn’t be done or would be too expensive because it's a unique ‘art object’ that requires special equipment to manufacture, we were led to the precise ‘helpful person’ we needed.

This master craftsman had both the equipment and enthusiasm to keep producing prototypes until we eventually arrived at the one that energizes the entire human energy field. This is essential because if a fortune ki-enhancing device only influences one fortune or a fortune ki in one area of your body, it will be ineffective for neutralizing most forms of bad luck.

"My Shendor Touchwood ... is really lovely ... Huge congratulations Lynda and Stephen on your wonderful creation. I am only on Day 2 with it but already have managed to neutralize the environmental stress in my office. So that has given me my work-place back!" David S, Sweden 


You Can Cultivate Your Fortunes

Since most woods, when ‘touched’ or ‘knocked on’ by people for luck, only affect small areas of their energy body, it really is a matter of luck as to whether that nearby chair, door or table top has the energy to avert a specific form of ‘bad luck’ at any given time.

The Shendor generates a holistic or whole energy body response for cultivating more good luck and neutralizing bad luck. And it's not only what you say that can trigger bad luck ...

"I had a severe bout of hay-fever yesterday, which I thought was because of the pollen ... then I thought about what I'd eaten in the past few hours ... and found a strong negative reaction to a banana bread I'd made. I neutralised the stress from that with my Shendor Touchwood, (which is connected to some Energy Eggs), and my hay-fever subsided in minutes. Yay to energy awareness, Energy Eggs and the Shendor Touchwood!" Natalie F, UK

Of course, it’s not really about (random) ‘luck’ at all . . . It’s about strengthening your fortune ki  and reducing their counterparts or misfortunes - Failure, Exhaustion, Harm (injury or illness), Confusion and Ignorance, (lack of awareness).

Nothing that happens in your life is random. Your experiences aren't just happening to you. Everything that happens reflects some of your energy. Or its obstruction. Understanding this is why, for almost four decades, we've seen thousands of people transform one or more previously-stuck areas of their lives by changing their energies. You can do this too.

Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

"[Since receiving my Shendor Touchwood] ... these are the best nights I've had in years  - something that Melatonin, 5-HTP or CBD oil couldn't accomplish!" Philip S., USA

The Shendor Angel 

When the Shendor Touchwood stands on its base, it becomes a mini-Shendor Angel. In addition to enhancing their owner’s fortune ki, Shendor Angels also ...

  • Transmit to anyone within their range – the various sizes of Shendor Angel generate a fortune space  bubble with a radius of between 1 and 16 metres in all directions

  • Restore ki from your well - the chakra beneath your feet, where previously-used energy from throughout your life is held - to your crown (your ‘life energy battery’)1 

  • Neutralise stresses received through being under a weakening sky, in a weakening place or due to geopathic stresses. When their stress isn't neutralised - the normal situation - a weakening sky or area where you live causes a stream of misfortunes and struggles to appear in your life, (no matter how much you may wish to be there)2

  • Amplify the shen or 'spirit energy' received through any effectvie meditation practice 

 Shendor Angel owners who develop their energy awareness can also use their Shendor Angel to cultivate the energy of their stareye - also known as the 'wish-fulfilling gem' - at the centre of their brow. This uniquely powerful method is specifically for generating results from life-positive wishes.

"Very fortunately, DHL delivered my Shendor Archangel a week early today. It is beautiful. I'm so happy! A few minutes into setting it all up, I realized I needed to play the violin again. Ten minutes later, a woman posted an advert selling a very nice violin ... which my energy awareness nudged me to see within 7 minutes of her posting it. 

I drove to her under multiple rainbows - the last one landing on top of her building as I approached. Now I have a very good violin made by a German master violin-maker, beside me here together with my Shendor Archangel. She sold it to me for less than a quarter the price of what it's really worth. Fortunes!" Tristan T, Australia 

Good Luck For A Lifetime!

We’re very excited by the effects being reported to us by owners of the Shendor Touchwood or Angels. There are a lot! Here's a few ...

"The Shendor helps with food sensitivities. I've been able to eat bacon without reacting for the first time in many years!" Kim P.,   USA

"I was very fatigued the day I picked up my Shendor Archangel. I could hardly stay awake. But after an hour it was gone and it hasn't come back. Now my general energy is great. I also think I can tolerate more food ... My blood pressure is now down to 110/66. It fell from around 162/92 after I got the Shendor. I just love my Shendor Archangel!" Tom. B. Norway

"I am pleased to report that I was comfortable with the throng of workers leaving their offices at 5:00 PM, the deafening construction noise, the jammed traffic, the sirens and the rain. Carrying my Shendor Touchwood ... seems to have given me protection from the stress and the crowd. I will continue doing this! Thanks a million!" Peter V., USA

"I'm loving my Shendor Touchwood - super-beautiful! But what I love most is how it feels! I get goose- bumps when I stroke it! ... Last night, I watched the beginning of a scary recreation of a true story which I stopped watching but woke feeling like the Shendor Touchwood was eliminating a lot of fear ... The vividness of my dreams was really noticeable too ... Super-powerful device! Thank you!" India W., Australia

Because there are so many practical applications, as a Shendor owner, you will receive new instruction modules long after your initial purchase. Some of the techniques will cause your Shendor to become more and more powerful!

There is no theoretical upper limit to how much wisdom, inner strength, happiness, success or higher awareness you can cultivate. How strong your Shendor becomes is entirely up to you. 


Which Shendor Do I Need?

If you are wondering which size of Shendor is best for you or your home, one criterion is the range of the Shendor's fortune space energy field. The approximate diameter of the fortune space generated by each size of Shendor3 in all directions (a spherical space) is:  


Fortune Space
Touchwood (50mm tall) 
2 metres
Travel Shendor Angel (120 mm tall) 
8 metres
Small Shendor Angel (180mm tall)
16 metres
Large Shendor Angel (240 mm tall)
24 metres
Shendor Archangel (300 mm tall)
32 metres

However, the other criterion is that, no matter the size of your home, the larger the Shendor, the stronger the fortune space it generates. So even for a smaller residence, the larger sizes generate a more powerful fortune space.

Since the Shendor Angel only works within its fortune space, the most powerful configuration is a Shendor Archangel - which works for any number of people within its fortune space - plus a Shendor Touchwood (to keep with you wherever you are).  

You will also need a Shendor Angel plus Touchwood for focusing the Shendor on your stareye for wish [energy] activation. The instructions for wish activation are included in the follow-up Shendor instruction modules. 

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1  Requires a Shendor Touchwood with you during waking hours. 

2  Requires a Guardian Energy Egg connected to your Shendor Angel

3 The Shendor instructions include a way of measuring the Shendor Angel's fortune space yourself with a shendo energy test.