The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training
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I swear by my Energy Egg . . and have come off my Prozac


I have traveled to Japan (14 hours) with the Energy Egg in my pocket . . . I am happy to say that . . . I am not experiencing the same horrendous jet lag. Also, I am normally allergic to Japanese food, due do their overuse of MSG. Now, I neutralize the MSG with the Energy Egg and I don’t get the same stomach burning and itch that I normally get.

Peter V., USA

The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training
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The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training

The next ROH will be held in Spring 2018 in Glastonbury, UK

Please get in touch if you would like to be put on our waiting list. 

Invest in Yourself for Life 

Your Life is Yo

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Your Life is Your Energy

We've found, in over 50 years of combined Energy Awareness practice, that all our life experiences reflect the kinds and quantities of energies in our bodies. And, that by developing , or cultivating, your life energies, you will change your life, no question about it.

All of your qualities and abilities are products of certain energies in your body - and, conversely, every problem you ever experience reflects your lack of the energies that you really need

The Illuminating Fortunes of life: success; inner strength; happiness; and wisdom have been studied by spiritual practitioners over thousands of years. But this is the first opportunity to learn such powerful energy-cultivation methods without becoming personal, long-term, students of a very few energy-aware spiritual teachers.

Real changes of life and consciousness come through consistently developing your energy body - rather than from being temporarily stimulated by others' ideas or experiences before returning to your usual state of consciousness. We give you the tools for stable awareness development that can become a Way of Life.

The Rainbow of Happiness training brings you into direct contact with your guiding spirits who show you how you can awaken to who you are ultimately capable of being.

Click here to read more about this powerful awareness development training.

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Stephen and Lynda Kane research and document human energy systems and their interaction with the myriad energies of our environment.
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The Rainbow Of Happiness Empowerment Training