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Since the Energy Egg: no reaction to stressful situations; much more confident; writing tremendously improved and much faster."

Maggie B., UK

Something amazing happened yesterday a few hours after the Energy Eggs arrived here . . . one of my daughter's who cut off contact with me several years ago, sent an email inviting me to visit her and meet my granddaughter! As a result of this, another daughter has asked me to order her a Loving Relationships Energy Egg with a Transmitter

Mary C, UK

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The Rainbow of Happiness
Booking is now open for the Rainbow of Happiness 2018. There are two locations available:
  • Glastonbury which will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September 2018  FULL!
  • Alfriston, near Brighton which will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018  ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!
During the weekend we will be cultivating the fortune ki, including happiness, developing your essential creativity and exploring your higher awareness of spirit energies, your allies in all that you do and create. 
PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced Energy Awareness training, so it is only for graduates of the Living With Energy Awareness training.  
Times: From 9.00 am to 5pm each day, with approximately one hour for lunch
If you would like to book a space, please either email Alison Leach or call Alison on 07595443139.
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In this advanced Energy Awareness training (for graduates of the Living With Energy Awareness training), you’ll discover how to generate the (higher energy) life you want, one step at a time, instead of the usual experience of life, being using all our energy just to manage the life we have - which usually remains more or less the same at the end of the day.
Although the idea of manifesting a brighter, higher-energy future appeals to a lot of people, and is much promoted, it's easy to get side-tracked by messages that focus on what you get rather than onraising the quality of your experienced life. For example, people think they want more money but they really want to be happy - and they assume that the one will lead to the other. Or they think they want a great relationship but they too really just want to be happy. And they imagine that once they have that relationship life and they will feel better.
We tend to confuse means with ends because we can't see how our actions and choices affect our energy. A consequence of this is that there's no shortage of people who, in spite of their wealth or relationships, or whatever other thing they thought they wanted, feel far from fulfilled by their life. Fact is, there's no particular thing you can pin down that leads to the life you want.
It all comes down to your energy. And, no matter where in your life you wish for change - your health, wealth, relationships, creativity or even spiritual development - it's how you go about it that determines the success of your endeavours. How you go about it also determines how much you create new karmas or challenges in your life. All too often, people succeed in some part of their life, little realising how much they've set themselves up for future, high-stress situations in other parts - take but one recent example of TV ‘star’ Ant of Ant and Dec, up on charges of dangerous driving and in and out of rehab. As is often said,
'The operation was a success - but the patient died' (traditional medical 'joke')
Step 1 - Live With Intent
We all tend to live reactively - waiting until something goes 'wrong' or becomes relatively unfulfilling, or is painful enough, only then trying to do something about it. The problem with this is that it generates all kinds of avoidable misfortunes in your life. And it costs you energy you can't afford to lose - energy you could have used/be using to create the life you really want instead.
The 1st step of the Rainbow of Happiness is to get ahead of your life. This means, rather than being controlled by your current circumstances, you can learn to direct your energy - the energy that generates your future (whether in 5 minutes or 10 years time) - to create a higher-energy, more fortunate life.
The ability to direct the energy of your future is called living with intent.
"I have gone over a HUGE hurdle! ... I have discovered the no-fear zone! It’s unbelievable and magical. It’s amazing how I was no longer there, with all my fears, limitations, pains, worries: something limitless took over! This is perhaps what being in the Spirit means."
Step 2 - Follow Your Heart
Intent is not 'intention.' It’s an energy in the area of your upper abdomen. To 'live with intent,' means directing that energy into both your immediate and long-term future to transform your ripening misfortunes (we all have them) into fortunes. Remember the eight fortunes ( four being misfortunes) that we touched on in the Energy Awareness training. We'll explore how to cultivate them much more deeply in this training.
The ability to live with intent depends on a practice – the second step of the Rainbow of Happiness of - following your Heart. This also refers to an energy - one that is deep within your heart chakra (the energy centre about 2 inches up from your solar plexus), which, the more you follow, the more your life becomes bright, full of purpose and meaning. The Heart is also, traditionally, called 'Atman' or the 'Self' or the 'Spirit.' The Heart isn't your 'gut feeling' or your intuition - which can be strongly influenced by other, misleading energies. Consider, for example, how often seemingly 'perfect' relationships collapse into animosity and conflicts. Of course, it's easy to recall the times when your intuition turned out to be correct - but we tend to forget the times when it didn't.
No matter how 'mindful' you may be, really being aware of your Heart is a rare talent. But it's a talent that transforms all disturbance and discontents into more wisdom, success, happiness, success and higher awareness (the greatest fortune of them all). Following your Heart is the only way to achieve real, deep, inner peace, i.e. that doesn’t depend on circumstances.
"What I find completely delightful ... is that your teaching has led to this!!
What I discovered through doing this is impossible to write . . . it has been immense . .
from following my Heart, to believing my [expanded] awareness, to trusting the gifts I have been given."
Step 3 - Open Your World
We aren't brought up with awareness of these two energies within us - the energy of our intent or our Heart energy. Instead, we’re largely driven by our aversions, attachments, likes, dislikes, feelings and ideas - knowledge, beliefs and opinions, many of which result from our exposure, largely in our formative years, to the same feelings and ideas in others. Young children, at their most open and vulnerable, soak up all the feelings, behaviours and beliefs from the adults and peers they depend on or meet in those first years.
Even though many people experience the urge to become free of the invisible ties by which they feel bound, they have little understanding of how much the thoughts and feelings they've acquired, and sustain, obstruct their awareness of their Heart and their intent. Even though these energies are within you, they are hard to discern, sometimes almost imperceptible. So, people may often experience one or other of their misfortune ki - confusion, fatigue, failure (not achieving hoped-for outcomes) or injury (physical or psychological symptoms, illness or traumas) - that inevitably result from not living with intent or following your Heart.
Following your Heart and living with intent naturally awakens dyanas or 'personal powers' - the ability to make real changes within yourself and make a real impact in your life. To not be stuck. To become who you are. Without the dyanas you need, you will sometimes feel powerless in one or more areas of your life. Something may be disturbing or unsatisfactory in some way but you’ll be unclear or experience a lack of the necessary energy to do much about it. And that’s reality. We all need new energy and empowering energy to make real change in our life.
The third step of the Rainbow of Happiness is to form connections with sources of energy that empower you to cut through obstructive thoughts, feelings and circumstances that keep you stuck in confusion, anxiety, depression, fatigue or other low-energy states. Forming namens - connections with sources of liberating energies - spirits or allies - is called 'opening your world.'
By living with intent, following your Heart and opening your world, both you and your life will inevitably change in far-reaching, sometimes extraordinary, ways. It's a simple yet potent 'human energy physics' formula that, for many people over the last 40 years, has become a 'way of life.' We each have areas of our lives where our fortunes need to be released from the circumstances that hold us back. Then your happiness, success and the other fortunes will start growing again, as they’re released from their bonds. Worries and wants only persist when you can't see how to change your energy. When you can, your life will inevitably change too.
"Of all the therapy, meditation, religion, etc. that I have tried, the Way of Life is truly the only way that has produced such deep, real and lasting transformation. Thank you... for this awesome path."
We'd love to share the Rainbow of Happiness with you, so if you’ve been wondering if it’s for you, decide ‘yes,’ come and join us at one of the trainings and take a huge step forward in your life. There are only a few places left now, so if you'd like to join us, please contact Alison (tel: 07595443139) asap for further details.

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