Vielight 655

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Vielight 655

The low-level intra-nasal light therapy of the Vielight 655 cleanses the blood, makes it less viscous (more free-flowing), increases blood flow, ‘unsticks’ red blood cells (in sticky blood they clump together) and makes them more flexible. For people with high blood pressure or borderline high, the Vielight 655 may reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

A study from Edinburgh University has shown that blood viscosity is crucial to cardiovascular well-being. Many experts agree that the quality of artery walls and cholesterol levels are secondary in importance to the quality of the blood itself – whether it's a free-flowing liquid or sludging.

Intravenous laser therapy is an effective method to modify factors that result in a reduction of arterial pressure.

Intranasal light therapy is a form of “blood irradiation therapy” that is supported by studies to be able to reduce the level of cholesterols, particularly low-density lipoprotein (LDL – the “bad" cholesterol).

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Vielight 655

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    Delphine V, France.

    After one week of using the Vielight 655 my skin has improved. The pores on my cheeks are more refined. I had a fairly large broken vein on the side of my nostril - it is now disappearing. The small varicose veins on my calves have now vanished.