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The day after i received my Wealth Energy Egg, I won £150! Now . . .today I received an unexpected offer of some extra work . . .I am not a believer of coincidence. I know this was all down to the Wealth Energy Egg helping me sort out my qi,

I've been eyeing a lovely piece of pine furniture for a while. It was already heavily discounted but still too expensive for me. So I asked the person in the shop if they would accept the price I felt I could pay. He said probably not, as it was already discounted and the owner never discounted an already discounted price. So I said, 'Well it's worth a try, let's give him a call' So, he called him and much to his surprise the owner came down to my price. He said 'Well, I've never known him do that, ever. Now I feel like a complete fool, saying he wouldn't do it!'


Wealth Egg & Transmitter
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Wealth Egg & Transmitter

Made from semi-precious green aventurine stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Wealth Energy Egg is a powerful means of increasing your wealth qi.

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The Wealth Energy Egg w/Transmitter

cultivate your wealth qi to have what you need


  • Feeling the effects of the credit crunch?   
  • Always seem to be paying out more than comes in? 
  • Love your job, but it doesn't pay enough?     
  • Looking for more abundance in your life?


Made from semi-precious green aventurine stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Wealth Energy Egg is a powerful means of increasing the quantity of wealth qi held within your energy body. This is the life energy, which concentrates at your navel, that determines your abundance - your ability to have whatever you need.

The more you cultivate your wealth qi, the more it:

  • Generates abundance in your life as and when you need it
  • Brings work opportunities or creativity that lead to more abundance
  • Frees you to do your 'dream' job . . . and get paid for it!
  • Helps you develop a stress-free relationship with your money and possessions so you know when to let go . . . and move on to better things
  • Corrects current imbalances in your life that are obstructing your capacity for future wealth


"I've had real good experiences with the Wealth Energy Egg . . . November royalties of my cd's went skyhigh, a record!" Dick DR., France


Why Do I Need A Wealth Energy Egg?


change your energy to change your life!


Everyone's body holds different quantities of wealth qi. So even though people with the same intelligence and the same skills may work equally hard, they don't necessarily experience the same abundance. You can work as hard as you like but the results of your hard work will ultimately be limited by your available qi.

Even though what you choose to do with your time and energy is always a critical factor insofar as your abundance is concerned, you can deliberately influence how much wealth qi you have available.

By gradually increasing your wealth qi, the Wealth Energy Egg provides you with the energy to change your relationship with all forms of abundance - not just money. Sustained use of a Wealth Energy Egg provides you with opportunities to increase the abundance in your life.

The process of cultivating your wealth qi is not a 'get rich quick' scheme - it's about gradually strengthening your ability to have the abundance you need when you need it, to earn what you need to earn. And also to wisely manage what you already have.

The stronger your wealth qi, the more you literally have the energy to create a stress-free relationship with money and possessions rather than their being a cause of anxiety, trouble and strife.


"As soon as I ordered the Wealth Energy Egg things started to change in my life; money came through the door and I started getting lots of ideas about how to make money." Mary M., UK


Your Wealth Energy Egg comes with a comprehensive information leaflet that explains how to use an Energy Egg and Energy Egg Transmitter. The Energy Egg Transmitter (discounted when purchased with an Energy Egg), allows your Wealth Energy Egg to continue eliminating environmental stresses that block your wealth qi, 24/7.

The manual also details ways you can enhance your Energy Egg's qi energy-cultivating effects.

The Wealth Energy Egg includes our unique


12 month money-back guarantee1


You have nothing to lose but your stress

Try it - you'll like it!


1  Please refer to "Shipping and Returns" for further details.

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