About Us

Stephen and Lynda Kane have been delivering Life Energy Awareness trainings around the world for almost 30 years. In addition to developing extraordinary yet highly practical forms of energy awareness, graduates have gone on to awaken their hidden talents and life-changing forms of creativity.

Stephen and Lynda also work online with the worldwide community of Shendo practitioners, through their web-based personal empowerment program, the Way Of Life. Rather than remaining stuck in therapy, endless healing or rote-learning methods of spiritual development, the Way of Life empowers you to become conscious, in your own right, of the most effective ways of awakening your higher awareness. The Way of Life moves beyond recovery through personal to spiritual discovery.

Stephen’s work originally focused on medical bio-energenics and the impact of environmental energies on the human mind and body. He was the Director of the Institute for Advanced Health Research, an organization that pioneered new bio-energenic techniques for overcoming allergy-related illnesses and associated chronic infections. His students and clients have included many professional therapists, well-known doctors and health practitioners of all kinds. Many of Stephen’s lay clients and students have continued to help their families, friends or pupils achieve recoveries from long-term disorders that had proven resistant to 'conventional' or 'alternative' treatments. Stephen’s writings include original work on the theory and practice of human empowerment and in-depth analysis of the many life-influencing relationships between human and environmental energies.

Before dedicating herself to energy work, Lynda was Chief Psychologist at British Airways and also served as a psychological consultant and executive coach for senior teams in large organisations. Facilitating change has always been her primary interest, both psychologically and energenically. Energy work became her focus after a major career change and a long retreat.

Lynda started working with Stephen to develop a radical new form of energy psychology – Vision Life Coaching - in the mid-eighties. This life energy-activating mentoring empowers clients to profoundly and stably transform areas of “stuckness” in their life into new abilities, opportunities and positive states of being.

In addition to creating the unique range of powerful energy cultivation and protection products offered through Energize Your Life., Stephen and Lynda also provide, online or face-to-face:

The qi-cultivating devices offered by Energize Your Life have steadily evolved since the early '80s. This reflects both Stephen's continuing research into the human energy body and its influence on health, relationships, wealth, creativity, security, etc. and the steadily increasing environmental stress burden - e.g. over a billion times the background electromagnetic radiation - now affecting all of us in the 21st Century. 

We are now being bombarded by a growing number of sources of pulsed microwave radiation - wifi, 'smart' meters, 'smart' TV's, DAB radios, portable and microwave phones, etc.. As reported in the BioInitiative Report, this form of radiation is profoundly harmful to human health. Less well-known, it is even more harmful to higher awareness - trying to meditate in a wifi field exposes people to previously unknown environmental threats.

Stephen and Lynda are committed to providing the most up-to-date and powerful protection against environmental stress. In their ongoing research and development work, and through their ground-breaking trainings and services, they continue to witness the dramatic changes that are possible in our lives when we discover how to concretely sense and respond effectively to the energies that are influencing our well-being 24/7.