Eyepower Red

Developed in collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology at University College London, eyepower  red is designed to deliver controlled sessions of 670nm Near Infra Red light to the retina of the eyes in a safe and convenient way.

Please be aware that eyepower  red is only offered as a preventative measure to help slow the ageing of retinal cells by boosting the efficiency of the mitochondria within the cells. There is currently no clear evidence that it provides curative benefits for any type of eye disease or impairment. Whilst research has also shown positive results using 670nm light to restore lost night vision and colour perception, the degree of improvement varies from person to person and is still the subject of further studies. 

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Eyepower Red

EyepowerRed is a unique and innovative deep red light eye-care device based on leading-edge science. Deep red light at 670nm in the near-infrared rang...
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