Beginning The Energy Awareness Journey

Beginning The Energy Awareness Journey

In the Living With Energy Awareness Training, we demonstrate that when you just look at a medicine, remedy, food or supplement, your energy immediately becomes brighter/stronger in the area(s) where it's going to do you some good. Or if the substance is going to harm you, your energy dulls/weakens in the areas that will be harmed.

Interestingly, in addition to how your energy responds when you look at a potential health solution, the same effect occurs when you look at a photograph of the same subject. Because it holds the same information as its subject with respect to that subject's effects on you, a photograph is called a 'true witness.' 

Of course, from the perspective of standard Western science, (i.e. as taught in universities), these assertions 'can't' be true. This is because there are no recognised energies - in the body or in photographs - that have these effects. Like wisdom, human awareness - and the energies that generate it - are 'non-subjects.'

Meanwhile, in our clinic of almost 40 years, acting on the basis of these phenomena has resulted in the recovery or dramatically improved well-being of thousands of adults, children and animals who previously suffered from chronic or 'incurable' conditions that hadn't responded to scientific interventions.

"When I look back to how I was, I'm so much better. No day off sick in last two months. Now I want to do things!" Julie S., UK

See For Yourself

In spite of our clinical work, our main interest is in helping you see for yourself how you are being or will be affected by anything that might affect your health for better or for worse. For example, you can discover how to ...

  • Protect yourself from developing disease - which methods strengthen your energy. And which will harm you 

  • Recover from a chronic symptom or disease - what is worth trying. And what (or who) should be avoided.

  • See if a certain food or drink is causing sub-clinical inflammatory reactions that are maintaining symptoms - an extremely common phenomenon that is almost completely ignored in general medicine

  • Regain your energy. We've seen thousands of our clients recover from chronic fatigue. You can do the same for yourself

  • Upgrade your environment. Environmental energies have a profound influence on your health. So much so, they can prevent otherwise effective treatments from working. Make sure your environment is only strengthening your life and fortune ki [energies]

  • Cultivate your health and well-being. Good health is like a muscle that you can develop. But it isn't the same as being 'fit.' Lots of fitness enthusiasts become less well even as their stamina or strength is improving. Strengthening your health energy awareness helps prevent this from happening.

"I can get through a whole day at work ... this is a huge change in my energy" Hannah G., NZ

What's Missing From Science?

Ideas or assertions about ...

  • what is good or bad for you
  • how to prevent or respond to a particular problem

  • how to achieve a certain result

... are all based on general theories, beliefs or observations. When you hear or read that 'the science says ...' this tells you precisely nothing about its relevance to you. In fact, the only way you can really tell what you need to do - and what you need to not do - is to be aware of how your own energy is responding. 

Scientific knowledge is often helpful, but your energy is precise. And it often demonstrates that, regardless of personal likes, dislikes, beliefs or 'the science,' you need to do something else.

We appreciate that this is a radical message. It isn't easy to see for yourself if what you happen to see is at odds with prevailing dogmas. When 'everyone says' one thing but your energy awareness is showing you something else it can be very challenging to take responsibility for your own life. But your energy is your life - which is why it's commonly known as 'life energy.' 

In spite of challenges to personal beliefs or knowledge, we have seen, time and time again, students of energy awareness ...

  • resolve long-term health problems or other issues

  • transform ongoing problems into new opportunities

  • cease to feel overwhelmed or 'made' to feel a certain way by others' words or actions

  • make progress in areas of their life where they previously felt stuck

... simply by following their energy rather than being controlled by how they feel or what they or others believe or 'know.' The more clearly you can sense what your own energy is showing you, the less you find yourself at the mercy of 'groupthink' - whether it's in the form of family, friends or colleagues, or on a cultural, national or international scale. The more you become energy-aware, the more you live your life in your own right.

"... Like so many of us in the Shendo, I'm a radically different person to when I started out on this journey!" Natalie F., UK

Beginning the Energy Awareness Journey

The shendo, or 'energy awareness journey,' is the process of becoming increasingly aware of ...

  • your energies

  • others' energies

  • environmental energies

  • spirit energies or shen

Shendo usually starts with a pendulum - not just any old pendulum - that acts as a training instrument at the very beginning of the energy awareness journey. The reason most shendo practitioners start with a pendulum is that it highlights the difference between vague intuitions and concrete energy awareness. The pendulum is eventually replaced by higher levels of energy awareness.

In the meantime, an effective pendulum ...

  • responds rapidly - since your energy responds to everything instantly

  • doesn't depend on any thought - just as your energy responds automatically to everything

  • doesn't harm your energy - unlike pendulums with points, facets, wires, etc.

  • draws new energy into your crown chakra then directs it to your brow chakra - this develops your energy awareness, eventually making the pendulum itself obsolete

The Ishka [whole energy body] pendulums available from Energize Your Life fulfill these criteria together with some additional benefits ...

  • Energizes the brow chakra -  develops your energy awareness, eventually making the pendulum itself obsolete

  • Purifies the fortune path - reduces or fully eliminates energies that generate future misfortunes

  • Draws down mana - increases your energy for developing higher awareness for liberation from karmas

  • Opens the heart chakra - transforms your karmas into new faculties or fortunes

  • Seeing right action - right actions strengthen your wisdom, inner strength, happiness, success or higher awareness

  • Body energy-balancing - every stress you experience reflects your need for more balanced internal energy 

  • Environmental energy-balancing - imbalances of home or office energies impact your life and fortune energies

  • Becoming ‘anti-fragile’ - every challenge you experience holds energy you can employ to make you stronger

  • Relationship energy-balancing - every stress in a relationship reflects imbalances in the relationship's connecting energies

  • Leads to empowering power places - certain places are, at specific times, sources of energy for new forms of higher awareness, unusual talents or essential creativity

  • Awakens essential creativity - ongoing issues reflect your need for novel solutions to these 'root karmas.' Your essential creativity is the energy within you that transmutes your root karmas into personal power

  • Seeing what is true - when words, written or spoken, are misleading [for you], they cause energy at your forehead to contract [if you are vulnerable to them]. The Shendor Pendulum responds to this stress.

  • Advances intent - an energy in your upper abdomen that generates a higher-energy future. But as time passes, intent becomes weaker. The Shendor Pendulum - together with a Shendor Touchwood or Angel - can be used to reverse this decline

Because Energize Your Life pendulums directly connect to the energy body,  many people are surprised by how easy they are to operate. Each pendulum includes precise instructions for its various functions. The Omega Pendulum and the new, most powerful, Shendor pendulum also include series' of shendo attunements.

"This is the first time I've ever been able to get a reliable response!" Jonas B., USA

The Shendor pendulum functions are expanded for owners of Shendor Angels and for members of the Shendo online community who are progressing through the unique, personal empowerment process - the Way of Life.  Enhanced functions with the Shendor Angel include ...

  • Deeper body energy balancing to restore needed forms of vitality - energy for activities you used to do that you no longer feel like doing or can do

  • Expanded environmental energy balancing to neutralise more stresses that, otherwise, would require physical, sometimes costly, environmental adjustments

  • Increasing relationship energy balancing for greater awareness of others and how you need to be or act with respect to others

"I can't believe I waited three years before starting the Shendo. And I really can't believe what a difference it has made in only a year. The changes I have made are truly incredible. It has been a fantastic experience." Louise G., UK

The ability to operate a Shendor pendulum qualifies you for the online Shendo [energy awareness] community. As a Shendor pendulum owner, you will be notified as soon as a place becomes available in the Shendo. If you have achieved confidence with your Shendor pendulum, you can then decide if you feel ready to join the Shendo.

1 Some energy awareness practitioners no longer need an Energize Your Life pendulum within a matter of days. The pendulums include a 15-day money-back guarantee.