Why Do I Need An Energy Egg?

Why Do I Need An Energy Egg?

The body's energy field The human energy or "qi" field is shaped like an egg. It is being attacked by many forms of natural and man-made environmental stress 24 hours a day. Your energy field repels and eliminates many of these energies itself. However, using your innate defence mechanisms against harmful environmental energies in this way costs you precious energy you can’t afford to lose. Also some environmental energies remain in your energy field and start to accumulate there, causing lesions or tears in your energy field. These energetic lesions or "chakra fractures" make you increasingly vulnerable to even more environmental stresses. 

The more environmental stress builds up in your body - eg. due to the electromagnetic pollution from a nearby mobile phome mast - the more it damages the life energies or forms of qi that control your health, wealth, happiness, relationships, creativity, awareness or any other area of your life. Frequent exposure to environmental stress is a primary cause of symptoms, diseases and relationship problems. Doctors in Germany discovered, many decades ago, that environmental stress not only causes illness but can also prevent you from responding to treatment. 

Conditions commonly associated by experts, with environmental stress include Chronic fatigue Brain fog Arthritis Some cancers Respiratory illnesses Eczema Depression Anxiety Insomnia Allergies Repeated infections Weakening eyesight Poor healing from injuries Weak immunity Digestive disorders Relationship problems . . . and much more besides Unfortunately, due to lack of instrumentation, most forms of environmental stress are not yet recognised by Western science - in spite of millions of people experiencing their effects. 

Common sources include certain images, buildings, synthetic fabrics, shapes, electrical devices, computers, phones and mobile phone masts, underground water - even some cars generate more environmental stress than others! Today's wireless technology (wifi, wimax, wifi-mesh, etc.) is perhaps the most challenging of all man-made environmental stresses to deal with. The original Environmental Stress Eliminator (1982) was developed in England to help people overcome problems that hadn’t responded to many forms of conventional and alternative treatment. Nowadays, the Energy Egg environmental stress eliminator is the only energy protection device that protects human life energies from all common forms of sha chi. The 

Guardian Energy Egg: 

● Protects you from other peoples’ energies 

● Removes accumulated environmental stresses and foreign energies received in the past

 ● Protects your whole body ● Does not emit any harmful energies itself ● Is never out of date - it upgrades automatically or manually, whenever you want ● Increases your own energy awareness ● Has no side-effects, unlike many other similar devices ● Eliminates all common forms of sha chi