We Are Responsible ... For Our Own Health & Well-Being

We Are Responsible ... For Our Own Health & Well-Being

Over 15 years ago, we had the singular honour of being publicly threatened with deportation, on television, by none other than the Chief Medical Officer of Iceland

He had been apprised of a module in our basic training - the Living With Energy Awareness Training - that mentioned the fact that wherever there have been strikes by doctors for significant lengths of time, the mortality rate has dropped

In other words, when fewer people see doctors fewer people die (in the first few months at least) ...

Even though this information is in the public domain, the CMF objected to us mentioning the fact. Apparently, he felt that the subject should be taboo [unmentionable].

Due to the need to cover more important subjects in the short amount of time available, that module has long since been dropped from the training manual. But I was recently reminded of it when we gave the same training in September in Brighton, UK.. Why? Because, whilst delivering the training, Lynda was taking Clindamycin - a 'heavy' antibiotic - four times a day.

The reason she was taking it was the recent discovery of a rare infection on a couple of screws that had been removed from her foot a few days earlier. They'd been in her foot for almost a year since she'd slipped and broken her heel.

Even though Lynda was taking a high dose of the antibiotic, it was less than the prescribed dose which was considerably stronger. In fact, a somewhat alarmed pharmacist had described it as a 'mega dose.'

The reason Lynda wasn't taking the 'mega dose' was because it was 600mg stronger than the correct maximum dose for Lynda's weight. This might explain why Lynda's doctor wanted to do blood tests every 2 weeks to see if it was causing any liver damage ...

As soon as we received the Clindamycin from the pharmacy, we determined the correct (still very strong) dose. Since Lynda wished to keep her doctor in the loop, she let him know that she wasn't happy with the prescribed dose. He then admitted that he was concerned about it too - and that he would get back to her about it after consulting with the hospital microbiologist.

The next day, he emailed to say they'd decided to adjust the dose downwards ... to the amount we had already determined she would be taking (regardless of medical opinion).

Apart from minimising the risk of liver damage from overdosing with a powerful antibiotic, we also identified five protective remedies, two of which are also powerful bio-film disruptors. These are remedies that make antibiotics more effective by dissolving the chemicals bacteria secrete in order to protect themselves.

So by combining energy awareness with some basic knowledge of pharmaceutical medicine, we identified ...

  • a problem with the prescribed dose
  • the correct dose
  • the most effective bio-film disruptors (out of over a dozen options)
  • the best ways (out of many possibilities) to prevent serious side effects

Obviously, health is a subject that concerns all of us sooner or later. But because you are inside your own body, if you cultivate your energy awareness, you will be the ultimate authority on your health.

This doesn't mean your abilities will replace those of relevant experts. But it does mean you can see for yourself if the advice you have been given is best for you. In fact, the stronger your energy awareness the more clearly you can see how your energy responds to anything at all.

In an ideal world, someone with expert knowledge of a subject would also have cultivated his awareness of that subject. But that world will be a long time in coming. In the meantime, no expert is infallible. As far as your health is concerned, when you take any kind of medicine, you are responsible. If you have any doubt about what you've been prescribed, you can always challenge your doctor. Or seek a second opinion.

This way, rather than just being a 'good (i.e. compliant)' patient - and so increasing your probability of becoming an unfortunate statistic that Chief Medical Officers don't want anyone discussing - you can manage your health more consciously at the same time as taking advice (or 'hard' medicines) as and when you need to.

Stephen Kane

Energy Solutions & Precision Nutrition

Energy awareness is not equivalent to medical advice or professional services. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.