Living Under A Welcoming Sky E-Book

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Living Under A Welcoming Sky E-Book

Living Under A Welcoming Sky offers you a simple way to discover where you need to be for a prolonged period of time. In other words, where you need to live

The teachings in this unique e-book reflect the observation of many thousands of feng shui practitioners - particularly those who have awakened some environmental energy awareness - that every place has its own unique energy [shen]. And that your life and well-being are profoundly influenced by long-term exposure to this energy.

None of the content is based on received wisdom or beliefs. Every concept and practice results from rigorous, long-term observation, for over 40 years, of human life energies and the environmental energies that strengthen or weaken them.

With the help of the methods - and the unique Right Place energy contact method - described in this e-book, you will be able to see if you are living where you really need to be - a place where you belong.

"I am really happy here. The sky is absolutely incredible and fills me with energy. This is a really freeing experience for the first time in my life: starting over almost from scratch, everything feels full of possibility ..." Janice K., USA 

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Living Under A Welcoming Sky E-Book

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