Heart Resonant Shendor® Pendulum

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Heart Resonant Shendor® Pendulum

Note: Price includes the Shendor Pendulum Advisory Service (£4.97 plus £34.97 for the pendulum itself). Please email us a head and shoulders photo of yourself!

Your heart chakra - located about 5cm up from the bottom of your sternum - holds an energy that transforms karmas - repetitive challenging situations in your life, (e.g. with your health, relationship(s), abundance, security, etc.) - into fortunes, (more wisdom, happiness, inner strength, success, higher awareness). This unique energy is traditionally referred to as the Self or the Heart.

You can use a simple shendo energy test to see if a particular Shendor pendulum is resonant with your Heart. This means it directly 'speaks to your Heart' such that responses to your energy tests and the energy cultivation practices included with your Shendor pendulum will directly cultivate your karma-transforming Heart energy.

To perform the test, you will need to know a kinesiological method of energy testing, or just use another pendulum. The test is with Time for Awareness mudra. Time for Awareness mudra is ...

  • Fingers splayed and pointing up
  • Thumb bent into palm
  • Palm facing forwards 

Then test each Shendor pendulum. A Yes response means your Heart is saying 'Yes'. If you get more than one Yes, this means the shen or 'spirit energy' of more than one wood is resonant with your Heart*.

A Heart-resonant Shendor pendulum will gradually cultivate the energy of a dormant 'talent.' Some of the practices described in the Shendor Pendulum Instructions - Empowering Spirit Place, Awakening Your Essential Creativity and Advancing Your Intent  - assume that you have a Heart-resonant Shendor pendulum. This is also essential for the advanced Shendor Pendulum practices included in the Shendo.

You can see Stephen demonstrate a heart chakra resonant Shendor Pendulum and how this strengthens Marya's heart chakra in our video below:

* If you have any doubts about your Shendor Pendulum choice, or if you wish to know which Pendulum is most resonant with your heart (i.e. to help distinguish between the quality of more than one yes), we offer a Shendor Pendulum Advisory Service ...

  • Send a selfie - head and upper torso - and we will let you know your Heart-resonant Shendor pendulum. Please email help@energizeyourlife.org. Cost - £4.97.

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Heart Resonant Shendor® Pendulum

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