Shendor ee-Base

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Shendor ee-Base

In response to the rapid proliferation of man-made environmental stresses - and the secondary stresses they generate in people - the Shendor ee-Base is the latest and most powerful Energy Egg amplifier for maximum stress neutralization and detox.

When you are exposed to any form of stress - from the environment, from another person, or from yourself - that stress enters or increases in one or more areas of your energy field at a certain depth. For example, a WiFi signal attacks several points in the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and gonads.

When your energy body is attacked by any form of stress, it automatically tries to eliminate it. Unfortunately, some forms of stress are harder to eliminate than others. And you will also be personally vulnerable to certain forms of stress.

For example, although all people's energy is harmed by Pulsed Microwave Radiation - WiFi, 'smart' technology, mobile and portable phones, 4G and 5G, etc. - some people feel some of the effects so they are said to be 'Electro-HyperSensitive' (EHS).

Since each form of stress accumulates in your energy body at a certain depth, an effective stress-elimination technology must be able to reach each form of stress at the depth where it is present. For this reason, our unique range of Energy Eggs now includes the Shendor ee-Base because it causes the Energy Egg stress-elimination effect literally to reach areas of your energy body that other technologies or techniques can't reach.

When paired with an Energy Egg Transmitter and Shendor ee-Base, the Energy Egg signal is transmitted through space - so you don't need to carry it around with you - and deep into your energy body. If you already have an Energy Egg with a transmitter or Omega Base, we recommend you upgrade to the Shendor ee-Base for maximum energy protection, deep stress elimination and much more powerful energy protection benefits than when you carry your Energy Egg(s) with you or have them on a previous-generation transmitter or base.

Note - the Shendor ee-base is made from olive wood. Please be aware that olive wood sometimes includes some natural markings. No two pieces are alike. The artisan who makes the Shendor range of products ensures that there are never any tool marks. But there may be straight fissures that look like tool marks. Even though the Shendor ranges of products include the same energies, your Shendor or Energy Egg base will have its own unique character.

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Shendor ee-Base

  • FAQs

    Q. Is there any guidance on placement of the bases?

    A. Yes, we recommend that you place the Shendor ee-base on a flat wooden surface. However, the ee-Bases aren't vulnerable to distance anymore. Ours are within 1cm of each other and they aren't affected by tall objects next to them.

Product reviews

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Neil M., UK

Today has been a revelation with newfound energy from the new Energy Egg base - a sudden sharpness and clarity I can't remember since childhood. Thank you!