Flexxicore Chi Machine

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Flexxicore Chi Machine

Many devices that are meant to be good for us cause stimulatory effects without any real health benefits. In fact, they often stimulate your energy in ways that give you a buzz while, at the same time, covertly damaging your energy. This is as true for those that have been 'scientifically tested' as for any others.

The FlexxiCore is one of the relatively few health gadgets that really work - with the caveat that you need to make sure the speed is right for your energy. Fortunately, you can do this with the information provided by Energize Your Life if you decide to try a Flexxicore, (with a 60-day money-back guarantee), with the 5% discount links below.

We have seen some marketers claim that any chi machine other than the original version is 'fake.' The idea seems to be that a fixed speed of movement is the only correct speed. But in fact, we have seen people with cardiovascular, joint or back issues react poorly to a fixed speed but respond well to a speed suited to their particular condition.

A 'one speed fits all' philosophy does not reflect the considerable, real-world variances in people's needs for different types of exercise, physiotherapy or, for that matter, chi stimulation.

Quite apart from getting the speed right for you, there are also significant differences between chi machines in terms of comfort. We prefer the Flexxicore because it offers maximum comfort as well as optimal performance.

Energy-Test Your Ideal Speed

If you purchase the FlexxiCore through us, you can receive the unique details - only available from Energize Your Life! - of how to energy-test the exact speed that works best for you. Just write 'SoC Energy Contact Test' in the Subject line, together with your receipt number.

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Flexxicore Chi Machine

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