Energy Egg Transmitter

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Energy Egg Transmitter

Your crown chakra is constantly generating stress1-eliminating ki in response to the environmental stresses that enter your energy field. When your ki is sufficient, incoming stress is fully grounded-out of your energy field. When it isn't, you increasingly suffer the consequences to your health, wealth, work, relationships or other areas of your life that are vulnerable to that form of environmental stress.

The Energy Egg Transmitter, which is made from a ring of clear quartz, charged in a light resonator, connects your Energy Egg signal to the right, left and central channels at your crown. This connection persists regardless of the distance between your Transmitter and your body.

Whenever necessary, your crown chakra draws on your Energy Egg's signal, via your Transmitter, to amplify its generation of stress-eliminating ki. This is an excellent way of ensuring that you are benefiting from your Energy Egg 24/7.

The Energy Egg Transmitter is also recommended for a pet2 or for a child whom you wish to protect, wherever they may happen to be. With the ever-increasing presence of harmful pulsed microwaves - e.g. mobile phone, smart meter and wifi technology - in schools and uninformed neighbours' homes, 24/7 personal energy protection is becoming more and more essential.

1 This refers to all forms of stress - environmental, physical, psychological and spiritual

2 We have many non-human Energy Egg owners including: race horses, parrots, dogs, cats and rabbits to name a few!

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Energy Egg Transmitter

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