Large Metal-Frame Glasses

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This pair of thin, lightweight metal framed computer glasses have a large lens making them easier to wear over your prescription glasses. They also:

  • Have a lightweight thin metal frame which can be purchased in three different colour options: Gold, Silver and Metallic Grey.
  • Have clear lenses which measure approximately 5.5cm wide by 5cm high.

Computer glasses should be labeled UV400. According to one manufacturer, this is what distinguishes more expensive computer glasses from "cheap" ones. As a result, all of our computer glasses are UV400.  

All of our computer glasses can be worn over another pair of glasses. Alternatively, you can get an 'Essilor' coating on prescription lenses. Or non-prescription or prescription lenses under the Crizal® Prevencia™ label. But these options are much more expensive.

One of the benefits of having a separate pair of computer glasses is that they are best worn only while you are at your computer or tablet – we need some natural blue light getting to our eyes. People who wear blue-blocking glasses all the time start exhibiting new problems in their energy. This can result in less energy, lower mood, reduced creativity and/or weaker immunity.

However, wearing blue light-blocking glasses for 2 to 3 hours before bed improves quality of sleep.

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