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The Shendor® Archangel is our most-powerful standard-size Shendor with a volume 216 times that of the Shendor Touchwood. Its fortune space covers the average 3 to 5-bedroom home. It can be connected with all your Energy Eggs or previous-generation Energy Angels. 

A seven-part mini-course is included with your purchase of the Shendor Archangel

change your energy to change your life

The Shendor Archangel is artisan-made from two different woods. Each wood is formed to a precise shape that works optimally for:

  • Grounding out ‘bad luck’ – i.e. preventing misfortunes from manifesting
  • Opening your energy field to be able to hold more ‘good luck’ (fortune ki)
  • Transmitting the Shendor's fortune ki through space (e.g. your home or office) to everyone within its range
  • Increasing and strengthening the effects of all Energy Eggs and previous-generation Energy Angels
  • Awakening new awareness of right action - actions that lead to higher-quality wisdom, happiness, inner strength and success      

 change your energy to change your life 

The Energy Of Good Luck

Customer reviews

Tom B, Norway

The Shendor Archangel arrived in record time . . .  I had the most dramatic response to it immediately – it has so far been worth every penny and more.

Pierre V., USA

... these are the best nights I've had in years, something that Melatonin, 5 HTP or CBD oil, couldn't accomplish!

Dr Rana H., UK

The Shendor ... is helping me sleep better too.

Natalie C., UK

The Shendor has brought some really deep healing - also, no pain during operation, no bleeding, no trauma.

Connie P., USA

... it also increased our financial wealth in a big way. We got a surprise check in the mail that enabled us to pay off the truck. ... We also have enough money to fix up the rental which we did not have before.

Jane S., UK

My Shendor Angel has arrived and is absolutely beautiful!

Tristan T., AUS

My Shendor Angel arrived a week early. It is beautiful. I'm so happy. A few minutes into setting it all up I realised I need to play the violin again. 10 minutes later, a woman posted an advert selling a very nice violin on Facebook marketplace which my energy nudged me to see within 7 mins of her posting it. I drove to her under multiple rainbows - the last one landing on top of her building as I approached. Now I have a very good violin made by a master German violin maker, beside me here with my Shendor Archangel. Its previous owner sold it to me for less than a quarter the price of what it's really worth. Fortunes!!

Kirsten C., Denmark

I set up the Shendor Angel and the Touchwood in the evening. The next morning, I had no pain in the right side of my lower back or base of my spine. I was pleasantly surprised!

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