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The Shendor® Touchwood is the completely portable Shendor, for neutralising bad luck and cultivating good luck or good fortune. 

The Touchwood can be connected with your Energy Eggs which can be left at home on their Transmitters. Neutralising the forms of stress eliminated by each Energy Egg can now be achieved with the connected Touchwood.

 You will receive a mini-course on the many applications of the Shendor Touchwood and Angels following the Shendor Instructions included with your Touchwood.

The Shendor is artisan-made from sustainable olive and walnut woods. Each wood is formed to a precise shape that works optimally for:

  • Grounding out ‘bad luck’ – i.e. preventing misfortunes from manifesting
  • Opening your energy to be able to hold more ‘good luck’ (fortune ki)
  • Transmitting the Shendor's fortune energy through space (e.g. your home or office)
  • Increasing and strengthening the effects of all Energy Eggs and Energy Angels that you may already have
  • Awakening new awareness of right action - actions that lead to higher-quality wisdom, happiness, inner strength and success.

 change your energy to change your life 

The Energy Of Good Luck


Can I ask ....which stresses does the Shendor Walking technique release from the energy body - or does it just release whatever is most applicable at the time, e.g. past fears, failures,sorrows etc?


Prana Walking with the Shendor Tochwood
releases misfortunes in different areas of life according to our individual karmas. So if, say, your inner strength ki is blocked in the area of your work, then fatigue/work stress is one of the stresses released from your body while walking.

Then over time, as more energy (inner strength ki) is available to you, you are able to make positive changes/rise to the challenges in one's work.

Customer reviews

Pierre V., USA

... these are the best nights I've had in years, something that Melatonin, 5 HTP or CBD oil, couldn't accomplish!

Natalie C., UK

I'm really enjoying working with my new Shendor! I'm using it with my Guardian Energy Egg for neutralising stresses,

Coleen K., UK

I just had a very relaxing flight - was curious to see if travelling with my Shendor helped with flying anxiety ... and it did. :)

Pierre V., USA

My usual pattern is to fall asleep rather easily, sleep for one hour and then wake up thinking I have slept entire night. Then I am not able to go back to sleep for a few hours. Last night I picked up my Shendor and practised the Shendor Touch. After a while I put it back in place and fell back to sleep until the alarm went off. Thank you!

Dr. Rana H., UK

The Shendor ... is helping me sleep better too

David S., Sweden

My Shendor Touchwood has arrived. It is really lovely - something so beautifully simple about it! Huge congratulations on your wonderful creation. I am only on day 2 with it- but already have managed to neutralise the stress in my office. So that has given me my workplace back!!

Andrew M., UK

I have slept well with the Shendor by my bed and I've had lots of energy all week.

Lidka W., Poland

The Shendor is so beautiful and full power – it brought back life energy to me in the moment when I had so little of it. I love how it feels in the hand.

Lisa C., Australia

I no longer need some of the supplements I was taking.

Natalie C., UK

The Shendor has brought some really deep healing - also, no pain during operation, no bleeding, no trauma

Paul F., USA

I am pleased to report that I was comfortable with the throng of workers leaving their offices at 5:00 PM, the deafening construction noise, the jammed traffic, the sirens and the rain. Indeed, carrying my Shendor Touchwood ... seems to have given me protection from the stress and the crowd. Thanks a million!

Kim P., USA

... it helps with food sensitivities. I've been able to eat bacon without swelling for the first time in many years.

Connie P., USA

... it also increased our financial wealth in a big way. We got a surprise check in the mail that enabled us to pay off the truck. ... We also have enough money to fix up the rental which we did not have before.

Linda H., UK

Two weeks after receiving our Touchwoods, I called to cancel my television subscription. The man said, 'Since you are cancelling, I wouldn't normally say this, but I see you were overcharged at some point so I'll refund you.' A few days later, almost £1500 turned up in our bank account!

Emma W., UK

... just thought i'd let you know that i'm having massive improvements in my thinking.. i.e. being able to consider things in my mind that I have not been able to do for a long time... it feels like my brain is working better, thinking about things other than the usual rubbish in my head. 

Natalie C., UK

... it's quite gloomy and foggy [in this vacation rental] and my happiness mood dipped a lot ... I neutralised the stress with the my Shendor and my mood bounced right up within minutes. It feels, as always, so amazing to have a tool like this in my hand!

Melanie R., UK

Having some very powerful stuff happening with the little Touchwood. I love it!

Tom B., Norway

... my general energy is great – I was very fatigued the day I picked up my Shendor angel and after an hour it was gone and not come back. I also think I can tolerate more food. And my blood pressure is now down to 110/66 – fell from around 162/92 after I got the Shendor. I just love my Shendor !

Hannah J., Peru

I have automatically been reaching for Shendor Touch the last few mornings as soon as I woke, and felt really great for the rest of the day!

Toby R., Australia

After I got my Shendor Touchwood I achieved record sales for that month. Then I lost it. Now I've found it, it Looks like this could be a very busy month again!

Jane S., UK

My Shendor Angel has arrived and is absolutely beautiful!

Tony W., UK

[My Shendor Touchwood is] in my pocket. I have more energy that I've had in, well a decade maybe :-)

Natalie C., UK

The hip pain, a couple of months ago, stopped me walking. Last month I found that my sofa was emitting a strong stress. I neutralised it with my Shendor Touchwood and it subsided immediately by 90%.

Kirsten C., Denmark

I set up the Shendor Angel and the Touchwood in the evening. The next morning, I had no pain in the right side of my lower back or base of my spine. I was pleasantly surprised!

Natalie F., UK

I had a severe bout of hay fever yesterday ... Then I tested everything I'd eaten in the past few hours and found a strong reaction to a banana bread I'd made. I neutralised the stress from that with my Shendor Touchwood connected to a few Energy Eggs and my hay fever subsided in a few minutes.

Tristan T., Australia

My Shendor Angel arrived a week early. It is beautiful. I'm so happy. A few minutes into setting it all up I realised I need to play the violin again. 10 minutes later, a woman posted an advert selling a very nice violin on Facebook marketplace which my energy nudged me to see within 7 mins of her posting it. I drove to her under multiple rainbows - the last one landing on top of her building as I approached. Now I have a very good violin made by a master German violin maker, beside me here with my Shendor Archangel. Its previous owner sold it to me for less than a quarter the price of what it's really worth. Fortunes!!

Lisa C., Australia

I found the Shendor practices very helpful for my Electro-HyperSensitivity ... I feel about 70% better and am going back to work ...

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